Top 6 Tips For Vitiligo Skin Care

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Vitiligo is referred to as an autoimmune disorder where you have white patches on the skin, but there is no need to be ashamed of these as a vitiligo makeup can cover it all for you. Many people even do not bother them covering, they are really proud of it but still if you go for a vitiligo makeup prefer to use waterproof makeup products in case you sweat a lot. The procedure for vitiligo makeup is mentioned below.

What is Vitiligo

During vitiligo, you have small light patches over your skin because of loss or not-functioning of the melanocyte cells. It is a disease that takes a bit of time to heal in the meantime one can make use of vitiligo makeup.

Steps To do amazing Vitiligo Makeup


  • Choose what is right for you: the first thing in Vitiligo makeup is to choose the foundation that matches your skin color to the maximum. You can go for opaque foundations which are specially made for vitiligo candidates. These contain hypoallergenic that would not affect your skin condition. You can also go for regular full coverage foundations.
  • The base for the skin: the next essential thing is
  • Vitiligo makeup
  • is to cleanse your skin to base a makeup base with a mild herbal cleanser. It should be a high-quality moisturizing lotion. Then you can go for a primer that will absorb the foundation easily.


  1. Hiding patches: now you need a concealer for vitiligo makeup a shade darker than your original skin color. So now apply in on your patches in a circular motion and in the form of small dots.

Now the next thing is that you need to put a foundation on the concealer. So put the foundation on the patches above the concealer then go for the foundation at the remaining places. Make sure that their color matches with each other.

  1. Stay hidden: to make sure that the patches do not reveal themselves after some time making use of translucent powder, good for absorbing the excess oil. Your vitiligo makeup would even out with its help.
  2. Natural look: for a natural look from vitiligo makeup we make use of bronzer that is one shade darker than your skin color and applies it on the forehead, the tip of nose and cheekbones.
  3. Eyes and lips: as a distraction from your skin color you can highlight the eyes with a kohl pencil and color your lips. But it should be compatible with face makeup to look natural.
  4. The final layer: you have so many layers on your face, so to keep them intact you need a fixing spray.


Now after a vitiligo makeup, you are all ready to go out and be the part of the party. You will have a look as natural as others. The makeup would be so intact that there are least chances that your white patches are revealed. Microskin Center provides the best formula in the form of Microskin for the excellent results that help to give a natural glow to your skin.

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