Sophia Parsa

Things to learn from Forbes 30 under 30, inspiring youth Sophia Parsa.

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Forbes 30 under 30, started in 2011, lists talents, game changer, innovators, entertainers, influencer, etc of each year by Forbes Magazine. The list covers youths from various industries like education, business, social entrepreneurship and more. Till now the nominations have reached more than 15,000. In the beginning the list was inspired by young entrepreneurs making big bucks mostly in technique industries. Forbes 30 under 30 is becoming an inspiring group for many youths around the world. It’s building a great network where different personalities can connect and inspire each other. Also Forbes 30 under 30 summit has become one of the unique and exciting programs offering motivational talks from leaders. Following this nominees can help you to understand the profession you are in better and encourages you towards success.

Around a month ago Forbes listed 2017’s 30 under 30 . As everybody can imagine, it’s a thrilling honor to be listed on it. I recently caught up with “Sophia Parsa” who got listed on Forbes 30 under 30. Here are some of the lessons we all should learn from her if you are looking to do something revolutionary and also to get into the list next year.

1.What impacted you to start toot?

Sophia Parsa : Originally the reason why i started toot was to solve a small problem which at the time I thought was a massive issue…connecting with a tutor last minute. I had personally experience where the night before my final my tutors wife went into labor. Eventually my professor connected me with someone on campus.

A few months later i met my co-founder Shaq, a refugee who is in the US under political asylum. In his country he was denied access to higher education due to his religious beliefs. The thought of being denied access to a right lit the fire in us to start toot together. We realize the issue is much much bigger and that tutoring is just bandage on the real issue, our education system. We hope to revolutionize the education industry by creating access and democratizing knowledge.

2. How do you feel being part of Forbes under 30 list? Have this title provided you any new opportunities?

Sophia Parsa : It’s been a dream come true for my entire team. Growing up my parents have always told me it was their biggest dream to see me on Forbes. I’m so happy to have been able to make that a reality. We are honored for the recognition of our hard work but realized that it’s just the beginning. The title has provided some wonderful opportunities to connect with like minded people from the class of 2017. It has also given us some credibility. The education industry is a crowded space so it’s nice to be able to be one of the only tutoring companies this year!

3. Have you ever experience failure? If yes, how do you cope with those?

Sophia Parsa : Of course! Many times both professionally and personally. To me, failure is one step closer to success. I tend to lean on those I trust like my family, friends, advisers, investors, and of course my supportive team. Randy and Shaq have always had my back every step of the way which made it easier to hit the ground running over and over again because of their unconditional support.

4. What would you say are the top three skills needed to be a successful entrepreneur?

Sophia Parsa : Persistence, Passion, Patience.

5.What do you advice to youth who are experiencing failure on their work and have not found their passion yet?

Sophia Parsa : It’s perfectly fine to fail and still be passionate about something. Perhaps the way you’re trying to solve the problem is not the best way and you need to find a better one. All great companies start as one idea and transform into something else because of the realization that more can be done to solve a problem. We have to be at peace with the fact that you might need to let go of the original idea and pivot the idea entirely. If you still can’t figure it out and a lot of time has been spent trying sometimes it’s best to go work for an amazing company as an early team member. You’ll learn so much and chances are you’ll come across another problem to solve. When you don’t think twice… just start.

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