Making Decisions As Your Future (6-Figure) Self

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How have we gotten SO comfortable with taking on 50K + of debt for student loans, but so UNcomfortable with taking on a 7k business coaching program, or with the website designer, or for the branded photoshoot?

All of these options are an investment for our future. All of them are an investment for our career. However, NONE of them guarantee us ANYTHING.

Your investment in an education does not guarantee income, let alone even a job. Just like your investment in your coach, or that mastermind, or that retreat, does not guarantee increased income for your business.

Because none of these investments are what gets you the consistent income in your business.

YOU are.

Not the degree(s). Not the coaching program… but the inspired action you take from it.

The security you believe lies within an education, is an illusion. (This is coming from the girl who invested over 200K on her education and got fired from her 6-figure job without notice 2 days before a medical leave).

You see, security, it’s an illusion created by the many stories you tell yourself.
So why not create a new story?
Why not create a story that serves you and your mission?

My invitation to you readers who are scared to invest in your business, and in yourself:

-What is the difference between these different types of spending money?

-Look at what stories and beliefs you have taken on, and subconsciously wrapped into your mindset, that forms the fears you hold now around investing in yourself and your business.

-Are you ready to flip the script? And shift through, and sift through… all that junk that NO longer serves you and your business.

-Lastly, ask yourself, “What would the 7-figure me, or even 6-figure me, businesswoman, do?”

(What successful businesswomen do you know that did NOT invest in her business?)

^ Exactly.

So start making decisions from the 6-figure, 7-figure, YOU.

Would she NOT invest to hire the coach?

Would she NOT invest in support?

Would she cheap out on the website?

Heck no she wouldn’t, right?!

See how passionate and serious you are about making your business support YOU.

And how you can make this happen.

This is all about shifting energy.

And you have the opportunity to do this, and like, yesterday.

You deserve it.

And it’s yours.

Remember: money is energy, and it actually DOES grow on trees, and it IS all around you.


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