Bianca Spears shares” focus on your big, long term vision and work towards that as quickly and efficiently as you can”

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When we start our career as an entrepreneur we believe there is a definite need for someone master on the field to give us the tips and tricks. 80% of business fail in the first two years because they didn’t had a mentor. We are excited to honor Bianca Spears (An award-winning empowerment coach) as an “Influencer of the week”. Here’s our recent conversation with her:

Bianca Spears, Influencing Entrepreneur

IE (Influencing Entrepreneur) : Hello Bianca, we are excited to share your story and your work with our readers. Tell us little bit about yourself and your work

My name is Bianca Spears, I’m an award-winning empowerment coach, mentor and author of The World is Yours: 8 Steps to Achieving Everything You Want.I help coaches, parents and entrepreneurs to design lives of happiness, abundance and true success, living and leading as their most confident, authentic selves by reconnecting them with the natural gifts, potential and creativity they were born with.My signature program is called Leading From Within – an 8 week journey of self-mastery and transformation that allows people to live from their truth rather than from reaction, expectation, fear or doubt.
On the mentoring side of things, I work with entrepreneurs – coaches, personal trainers, business owners, speakers and network marketers to leverage their social media, increase their public profiles and of course their incomes. I’ve worked with several coaches who have come to me with no clients at all, and moved them to having the systems, structures and confidence to land their first paying clients and make sales in their first week of working with me. I see too many entrepreneurs out there who have a hobby business or side business that is actually just taking time, money and energy but not bringing them a return on their investment. Some people go on for 5 years, 10 years, 20 years like this if they don’t get the help they need to get set up right.

Bianca Spears, Influencing Entrepreneur

What is the one mantra that you live your life by?

“Where there’s a will, there’s always a way” is a mantra that I live my life by. I truly believe it, live it and breathe it. Whenever a challenge comes up, I am actually excited because I know that if I am open enough, resourceful enough, patient enough, creative enough and persistent enough, I will find a way.

Any 3 tips you will like to share with our readers?

Three tips I have for entrepreneurs
1. Keep your vision in your sights, mind and energy – focus on your big, long term vision (10-30 years) and work towards that as quickly and efficiently as you can. You’d be surprised how quickly you can achieve things that were set for 5 years away if you have them in your sphere of awareness now. This also helps you to remain motivated when you’re doing the manual labour each time you set up the foundations for the next level.

2. Take care of YOU. All too often, entrepreneurs run themselves into the ground and end up hating the job that they have created for themselves. Take time to relax and recharge – it’s essential for your success, outsource and delegate jobs that you don’t need to do.

3. Get a great coach or mentor. All the greatest sports stars, business men, singers and actors have coaches and mentors, because they know that as humans, we sabotage ourselves, we procrastinate, we doubt, we change our minds, we give up, we stop or stall. They know that with someone there to hold them accountable to being our very best, to help us move through the roadblocks and stay focused and on track, they’ll be where they want to be faster (and with more time, money and energy) than if they were to do it alone.
If I had have known when I first began my entrepreneurial journey that I could have hired a coach or mentor who could not only show me the way step by step, but also help me to move past my mindset blocks, my doubts and limitations (and kick my butt if I wasn’t moving forward), I could have saved tens of thousands of dollars and years of struggle, ups and downs and wondering how the hell I was going to get myself motivated and on track. Save yourself the headache of figuring out and find someone who can help you get to that next level.

What 3 books you would recommend every entrepreneur should read? Please share with our readers what your book “8 Steps to Achieving Everything You Want” is about.

Three books that I think every that entrepreneur should read –
The E Myth Revisited by Michael E. Gerber
Not everyone is an entrepreneur, and even if they think they’d be a great entrepreneur, many people do not want to do what entrepreneurs need to do in order to succeed. Michael breaks down the different types of people in the world and goes into how to set up the systems in a business that allow the entrepreneur the freedom that they set out to get (rather than being weighed down, burnt out and having a biz that provides inconsistent results.

Start With Why by Simon Sinek
Many People have seen the Ted Talk on this, and so much of the personal development world is based around finding “Your Why” now. This book promotes aligning your brand, your life and everything in it with your values, and of course it details the powerful reasons why!

The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg
This book absolutely blew my mind. Understanding the mechanics of a habit is super powerful, of course, however understanding how habit can be used in teams to create better results, in marketing to make your content/product addictive and how you can use it to build yourself up or tear yourself down is truly amazing. I still think about it when I lather up shampoo, those who have read it will understand why.

Of course I recommend that all entrepreneurs who want the steps to having and achieving everything they want also read my eBook, The World Is Yours. It’s a short, fun and to the point guide on exactly why they’re not getting what they want in their lives and a step-by-step process for how to have it all.

How can people contact you? my site, where you can get a free copy of my book
INSTAGRAM – @bianca.spears
TWITTER – @bianca_spears

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