Maky Arias

Maky Arias helps people to get paid doing what they LOVE to do

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I am very excited to share an interview with Maky Arias. I have been following her work and the content she shares on social media have helped many business owners. Here’s my recent conversation with her:

Hi Maky! I’m excited to share your story and your business with our readers. Tell me a little bit about your background

My name is Maky Arias and I am a Business Coach for Serviced Based Entrepreneurs. I help people get paid doing what they LOVE to do (which all the time includes them helping other people with their expertise and knowledge!). My clients are experts on specific things and want to learn how they can start monetizing those gifts online to truly create more impact and income.

Maky Arias
I know you have gone through some tough time. Please share your journey from being on depth, hiring a coach to getting your first client

I went to my first Tony Robbins event at 16 and fell in love with the idea of helping people change their lives through coaching. Since that age I knew I wanted to be a coach, but I couldn’t just drop everything and start. So time passed, I graduated school, went to university and at 21 years old I decided it was time.

I found an online  business coach to help me build my business and teach me how to book my first paying clients. Here’s the thing… I was $13k in debt and had literally no money to invest in this coach. Working with her was a $6k investment. However… I simply made it non negotiable. I found investors for my business, I sold my plasma, I sold my clothes, I did homework for other students, I cut back on literally every meal (I was able to eat at university because my father had paid my cafeteria fee for the semester at the beginning). I took a life guarding job that made me terribly unhappy and even then… I was still not even able to afford toilet paper. I would go to the library and once a week take my purse with me to the bathroom and take toilet paper back to my dorm room.

For 9 months straight I gave it ALL I had even when I had no money coming in. I would eat, breathe and sleep my vision, yet I still had zero clients. I was doing every piece of homework my coach left me, I was full of discovery calls, I was doing everything you “have” to do… except actually believing in myself. And no amount of “doing” will make up for you not believing in yourself (been there!). As soon as I started doing deep mindset work and changing my beliefs around myself and my work, I got my first paying client, $785 paid in full. And since then it, soulmate clients haven’t stopped coming!


What advice will you like to share with young people who wants coaching business as a career?
Get out of your head and START showing up with your heart and message + giving value daily!

My advice: start believing that you’re more than good enough to start sharing what you’re feeling called to share. When you’re feeling called to share/write/post/vlog/sale something there’s someone at the end of the spectrum who needs it and is trying to experience that!

This means you showing up is about more than just you, and you must honor it because there’s people out there praying to read your message!

The faster you get out of your head (i.e: I need a website/pictures/logo/be debt free/ etc. to start) the longer it will take for your people to actually receive your help because you won’t be showing up fully! So, #1 advice start giving value daily!


3 things you think are the key for successful coaching business? 

  • Daily, ongoing & never ending mindset work. Everything in life is 80% mindset and 20% strategy. An online coaching business is no exception. Doing the inner work and prioritizing this will allow you to truly run your business like a CEO who’s focused on changed lives and creating freedom.
  • Take action daily. As an entrepreneur you’re not always going to know what’s the next step, but you can’t stop moving till you know. You have to move through the uncertainty and show up every single day no matter what. The key activities that I recommend daily are: community building, sales and promotion and content creation. If you don’t know where to start, I would recommend asking yourself “When it comes to my business, what would my future self/my 10k cash months self  do?” and you’ll already tasks to do!
  • Get support from people that have the results you want. Hire that coach, join the mastermind, buy the book. Learn from people who are doing what you want to do at the level you’re dreaming of. Investing in my business has been key for me to have the business I have today.

5)  How can people contact you?
You can reach me at or
For social media here are the links if you want to include them:
My private FB group for badass entrepreneurs:


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