Best features of the 125cc mini chopper

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Chopper motorcycles have become known for providing motorcyclist with a smooth easy ride. One of the trusted names in the motorcycle industry for providing choppers is Belmonte Bikes. For years they have prided themselves on providing unique comfortable designs in this specific model of motorcycles, and continue to dominate the industry with their 125cc mini chopper. This bike has several amazing features that Belmonte Bikes feels sets it apart from some of their other mini choppers. For those who are curious about the best features that actually do make the 125cc mini chopper here are the highlights.



Electric Start

A convenient and cool feature of this mini chopper. With just a press of a small button, a person will activate the bike. The feature also makes it easy to stop and start up again. Another great feature is there is no waiting, the minute the button is pressed the bike will start right up, perfect while in busy traffic.

Easy to Use Instrument Panel

The instrument panel is placed right in front of the mini chopper which makes for easy access. Plus it is easy to read and understand which makes for simple navigation. Such as easily being able to read the compasses and the speedometer to ensure that the chopper is going at the accurate speed by law.

Front Headlights with High Beams

A great feature for safe navigation at night. The 125cc mini chopper has front headlights that have a high beam feature that makes it possible to light up the road at night or in foggy weather, making for a safer ride.

Rear view mirrors

Another safety feature works the same as rear view mirrors on a car. Makes it possible for the rider to see what is going on behind them, including ongoing traffic.

Padded Leather Seat

Comfortable seating is a key element for any cyclist to enjoy the open road. This mini chopper has extra padding to make it comfortable. Plus the seat is durable which means it won’t need to be replaced for quite some time.

These are just some of the many features that Belmonte Bikes placed in their revolutionary mini chopper. The chopper also has a sleek design that is pleasing to the eye. Add to that the practical features listed above and other safety features as well, and it’s simple to see why the 125cc mini chopper is taking the chopper rage to the next level.

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