Bennet Schwartz On Marketing Mistakes New Entrepreneurs Makes

Bennet Schwartz On Marketing Mistakes New Entrepreneurs Makes

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For new business owners, marketing is an overwhelming task. Few people understand and for others marketing/ promoting a service is more difficult than starting a business. As there are numerous businesses the way to promote it are also different. Sometimes people buy products in the first advertisements whereas other services might require multiple retargeting to motivate them for making purchase decisions. Businesses spend millions on advertisements and often it doesn’t guarantee success. To run a successful campaign that provides the best return on investment, an entrepreneur should learn from the trials and errors. If your company has a big budget, it will be a smart decision to hire an expert marketer so that your business makes more sales from the beginning. Bennet Schwartz shares that “Often entrepreneurs say they regret hiring beginners as a marketer of their business. If they can go back or have to start something new they will not hesitate to invest in hiring a professional marketer with a track record.”

Here are some of the marketing mistakes Bennet Schwartz mentions new entrepreneurs make. Wherever you are on your business journey, you should be careful about these things.  


Most of the successful companies that we know now are not businesses, they are brands. Companies put all their effort into positioning themselves as an authority in the market. We have seen businesses providing service to customers for 80- 100 years. And even new generations find some kind of connection to that company and always love to buy their products. This happens because of branding. They did good business before and will do in the future as well, there is no doubt. So, if you are new to entrepreneurship, then you need to focus on a long-term vision. Don’t try to set up a quick website and make sales for a month. Think long term, while doing so, you will be able to sell your service without any promotion in the future.  

Knowing your audience

Bennet Schwartz mentions that most entrepreneurs don’t understand their audience. This is why they promote their service to the wrong customers who are not going to buy their products. While we start a business, the service feels connected to us. And we put lots of effort into making the product one of the best in the market. By doing so, we feel that everyone will buy the product. This is where most entrepreneurs go wrong. People only buy things that they need. If you want to sell anything to anyone, your business might not be successful. So, while you create a product/ service you need to figure out your targeted audience. Researching the age group, location, gender, and all the necessary materials will help you to get a better return on your investment.

Numerous things can affect a business in the short and long term. Small mistakes can be fixed but having a long-term error can damage the business. There are various ways an entrepreneur can minimize mistakes and double the growth. An easy way to ensure the success of a business is to work with a mentor or business coach. If you are a beginner, invest in things that you are comfortable losing. Have confidence and start making a decision. Always make a complete plan and get advice from the people working with you.

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