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How To Sell On Marketplaces As A Beginner

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Influencing Entrepreneur

If you want some instant money without much work, available market places can help. In my personal case, I needed money to start a real business but it was quite hard to get loans from banks and the pandemic was making it difficult to meet people to pitch my ideas. One random day, I was thinking of ideas to make money instantly so that I can start funding my dream project. Making money as an entrepreneur and bringing changes has always been inspiring to me. When I receive a product or service that I really need, the satisfaction is thrilling. I wanted to provide the same experience to people with my product.

As a beginner, I didn’t have any product. So, I thought about selling some of the items that are not needed in my home. For this Facebook marketplace played an important role. As most of my friends were on Facebook, it became easy for me to let them know that I am looking to fund my business by having a garage sale online.

I was lucky that the idea of selling some of the unused products of home worked. I was able to collect money that will be enough for me to kickstart my business.

Now my real business story begins. I hired some of my friends who are good at internet marketing to create a software that will work as a service. That service I listed on SaaS Marketplace.

I have always been fascinated with the ideas of using online softwares. Having an online platform which does not need to be downloaded feels awesome. Before I hired my friends to create a software for me, I used to be part of various softwares as service companies.

Recently, I also hired some of the freelancers to promote my business using SaaS Marketplace. Doing this I saved a huge amount of money on advertising as well as got a better return on the investment. I used the remaining funds to create an ecommerce store to sell products that are made by local people around my town. The team helped me to create a marketplace where people can also add new items themselves. 

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The process of buying and selling is awesome. It helps the growth of the economy and assists entrepreneurs to reach financial freedom. We need more marketplaces which can be easily accessible around the world. There are numerous people who are not being able to showcase their work. The Internet has made the world smaller and with the AI based SaaS marketplace, it could change the way we do business. 

If you are a beginner, I will recommend you to start with the free available resource to sell your product or service. When you have some funds with you, purchase a good SaaS package that can help you to advertise your product to a wide audience and build a good team to create your own marketplace.

Before starting a business or marketplace, find someone who has already achieved the result you are looking for. Getting mentored by coaches or buying courses will make a huge impact on your business than pushing yourself solo. 

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