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As a strong, independent and confident woman, I had to be my own boss and fulfill my own calling.

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“I am both the creator and the creation of my life. I am both divine masculine & divine feminine. I allow myself to give and receive. I am worthy. I am love(d).” – Samantha Lotus

Hello Samantha, we are excited to interview you and share your story with our readers. Tell us a little bit about yourself and your work.

Samantha Lotus: I grew up surrounded by disease, depression & scarcity. I experienced a lot of pain, trauma and deep anger and sadness while growing up and observing the world around me. I recognized a need for healing across all aspects of our world. From a very young age, I became extremely aware and curious about the human condition, psychology, sociology, philosophy, and metaphysics. I started to learn about the many layers of conditioning, programming, and illusion that we have been imprisoned by (the matrix) and committed to figuring out how to transmute darkness and create a more beautiful world I knew possible in my heart. I became an entrepreneurial lightworker with a mission to empower other truth seekers to reclaim their health, happiness & freedom and to help others do the same. My programs begin with personal healing, continue to lifestyle optimization and finish with mission actualization.

What made you leap into entrepreneurship?

Samantha Lotus: I can not be a sheeple. Simply put: I know my mission on the planet. I am not employable to work for someone else’s mission and dreams. I can not be told when to show up, how long I have for lunch, or what my time is worth. As a strong, independent and confident woman, I had to be my own boss and fulfill my own calling.


How do you personally define success? What does it mean to you?

Samantha Lotus: Success for me means that I am empowered in my mind, body & mission as I help others do the same. Success comes from being grateful and appreciative of all I have seen, done, accomplished and shared whilst also being excited and eager for what is to come. Success in this journey cannot come from only achieving personal health, happiness & freedom, but is accomplished by collective wellbeing, joy and abundance. Looking around and witnessing as our people and our lands are regenerating is the greatest measure of positive impact.

How can people contact you? 

Facebook – Samantha Lotus


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