Why the Traceability System Is Crucial For the Food Industry

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Food traceability is the process under which a food manufacturing and distributing business tracks the movement of raw materials, other food components, and finished products throughout the entire manufacturing system. Food traceability is now an essential measure in the food manufacturing industry, which has resulted from increased food and beverage recalls. Incidences of food recall not only lead to losses but they harm the reputation of the business.

Food manufacturing companies are now investing heavily on traceability software to safeguard their reputation and also ensure the safety of their customers. Whether you’re directly or indirectly involved in food manufacturing and distribution, you need to learn the benefits of a food traceability system. This article has discussed some of the common benefits of food traceability software in food manufacturing companies.

Food Safety

One of the main reasons as to why food manufacturing companies are concerned with a traceability system for manufacturing is public health. A recent report published by the Center for Disease Control indicates that 48 million in the United States contract food-related diseases annually. Out of this number, more than 126,000 are hospitalized, and more than 3,000 people die each year from food poisoning and other complexities associated with food.

It is common knowledge that food manufacturing companies find it hard to fight and stop food contamination completely. However, using a food traceability system lowers the risks of food-related diseases because everything is done as demanded by the Food and Drug Authority (FDA). Everyone in the food industry has a role to play in ensuring that processed food is safe for human consumption.

Ease of Correction Action

As trends show, recalls are common occurrences in the food industry. You will not stay for more than a month without coming across recall warnings for various food products. In 2017, records showed that there was more than 455 food recalls in the United States. It has been established that Salmonella and Listeria are the leading causes of food contamination and recalls. In most cases, these food contaminants have proved to be life-threatening.

Food traceability systems are very useful because they prepare food manufacturing companies against recalls. They help in ensuring that there are visibility and transparency across the production line hence preventing food contamination. In the case of food contamination along the production line, it is easier to locate the problem and adjust accordingly before the problem can affect the entire system. Advanced traceability systems help in tracing contaminated food in stores before it can harm consumers.

Compliance with Regulations

In the United States, food manufacturing companies need to comply with the Food Safety Modernization Act and the Bioterrorism Act. These regulations require all food manufacturing and packaging companies to register with the FDA, which is a body that ensures that all food products are safe for human consumption. All food processing companies are required to show how they prepare and pack their food to prevent incidents of harm among human beings and animals. Several companies in the United States have been forced to pay hefty fines while others have lost their licenses after failing to adhere to FDA safety rules.

Real-Time Location of Food Products

Food traceability system has helped a considerable number of companies in the United States to track food products in real-time. Advanced systems help organizations to locate the current location of particular food products, which allows for an immediate and swift recall. You will also be able to verify the entire food manufacturing and supply chain process and determine any anomalies that could compromise food safety.

With increasing awareness and demand for food safety, food manufacturing companies have no option other than to ensure that they have a traceability system that ensures that all food products manufactured and packed by the company are safe for human and animal consumption.

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