Why Should You Purchase A Bradington Leather Sofa?

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Sofa shopping and not sure what to buy? There are endless varieties and you are confused. It’s normal, we’ve all been through it. There are so many different models, with a huge variety of textures, colors, shapes, and sizes. Making the right decision can be quite tough, especially if you don’t know exactly what you are looking for.

Leather sofas have also been attractive; they seem to never go out of fashion. Now, they are becoming increasingly popular, with both classic and modern designs. Leather furniture is always fashionable; you just have to know how to include it in your overall interior design. Plus, leather sofas come with additional benefits when compared to fabric sofas. Let’s go over some of the benefits of buying a leather sofa:

Leather is long-lasting

Good quality leather can last forever, especially if you know how to take care of it and do proper maintenance work. It doesn’t tear from excessive wear, it looks fresh for years, it maintains its shine and texture easily. Natural leather, especially the thicker varieties, can last 4 times longer than faux leather of the same design. What’s more, leather can be restored in some cases, giving your modern sofa an even longer life-time.

They’re not as high maintenance as you would expect

Fabric sofas, which often are upholstered and feature removable cushion covers, require regular cleaning and maintenance. You’ll have to remove the cushion covers at least once every month and throw them in the washing machine to make sure they are clean. On the other hand, your leather sofa requires minimal maintenance. Yes, good quality leather must be cleaned regularly too, but the work is easier. You’ll just have to use a mild soap and water solution, plus a special cream every two to three months. This keeps the leather malleable, elastic and fresh, thus extending its life. If you do this maintenance work regularly and properly, your leather sofa can look awesome for decades. The same goes for the aging – if you do proper maintenance work, you can avoid the natural aging of leather.

Leather is durable and easy to clean

Leather doesn’t fray and scratches made on it can go away with a simple leather polish cream. It’s durable and naturally thick, so even pets are not a problem for your modern sofa. Similarly, if you spill something on it, all you have to do is wipe it with a soft cloth. Scrub the stain and give it a thorough wash with water and soap. Of course, you have to pay attention and not spill red wine or curry on your white sofa, as it can become a hassle to clean up. Just keep in mind that cleaning a sofa made from leather is far easier than cleaning a fabric sofa.

Leather doesn’t absorb smells

Leather furniture is ideal for open layout homes, where the kitchen is not separated from the dining or living area. You can cook in the kitchen all you want – the sofa will not absorb any smells. The same goes for pets or cigarette smoke – leather furniture doesn’t “smell”. Pet fur is also easy to wipe off, as it doesn’t cling to leather furniture. You just need a soft brush and your good to go.

Leather sofas are hypoallergenic

Leather furniture is ideal for people who suffer from various allergies. Natural leather doesn’t absorb smells, doesn’t harbor dust mites, insect eggs, pet dander, pollen or other common allergens. Dust is also super easy to clean off and regular maintenance guarantees that no cracks or tears appear during use. No more sneezing, swollen eyes, and runny noses!

Leather furniture looks cool

It’s all about looks when it comes to leather furniture. Natural leather has a unique texture and look that makes it irresistible for many of us. It can also lends a special type of elegance to any room, making it look spectacular but also classic and chic. Leather sofas can be both traditional, classic or vintage, but also modern, high tech or minimalist. Leather is always trendy, it doesn’t go out of fashion and is incredibly adaptable to virtually any setting. Leather furniture is more adaptable to high end, luxury interiors than fabric furniture – it’s a truly spectacular material that can make any room better.

Colors and adaptability of leather furniture

Obviously, modern fabric sofas have the upper edge when it comes to the colors and textures available. You can get literally every design you can imagine. Leather sofas, however, have a more limited palette of colors and designs to choose from. But you can choose from hundreds of colors of leather as well. Modern leather sofas are also available with prints, exquisite sewn designs and a lot of different layouts and combinations. Pigmented leather, which features a special polymer surface coating, can be very adaptable. The coating can be finished in various colors, printed, embossed or plain. Leather can also be treated to look more shiny or bland, such as suede leather. This special coating also makes the leather much more durable and gives it greater resistance to fading, soiling or scuffing. You get all the benefits of leather, plus an incredible amount of adaptability. The possibilities are enormous and you can choose from hundreds of different designs.


Leather sofas are incredibly comfortable, especially if the structure features supportive frames and soft cushioning. This makes them ideal for prolonged use. The natural feel of leather is very comfortable for the skin and is ideal if you wear clothes. Although comfort is often related to the shape of the modern sofa and how the cushions are designed, the material matters a lot. Leather is firm, solid and feels special on the skin, while fabric feels too soft and too sensitive to wrinkles. Leather keeps its shape, especially if you know how to take care of it and are willing to do the maintenance work required.

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