Why It’s Important To Register Your Copyright

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Copyright laws do the utmost in protecting the original work of an author. A creator has the right to protect his or her body of work, and it’s imperative to utilize the assistance of a copyright lawyer to protect you and your work from being jeopardized in any way. The last thing you would want to face is a copyright lawsuit, as this can be another painstaking process that could be both time consuming and costly. It can be a lengthy process, but the investment will pay dividends for you and your body of work in the long run. If you care enough, the law will be on your side to protect the things you have worked so hard to maintain.

Registering your copyright is vital because it gives you additional rights and in doing so, it helps you to enforce your legal rights. Additionally, it shows that you are willing to take the necessary steps to protect your authorship. These copyright laws also provide a plethora of other benefits which include: Creating a public record to claim the copyright, mandatory registration to protect against infringement, if registration is done within the first 5 years of your authorship, it will help in establishing validity and reinforces the guidelines established in your copyright registrations.

Copyright lawyers have extensive training in preparing the right copyright applications for you. The beauty of having a copyright is that an application to register your copyright can be made at any time. There is no hard deadline to get this done, but it should be done in a prompt and timely manner. The application process is quite simple and only requires three basic steps. A completed application form, a $35 nonrefundable filing fee, and a non-returnable deposit of the work you are submitting. All of these copyright registration forms, regardless of the kind of copyright you are inquiring about, are protected under copyright law.

Comprehensive copyright lawyers will make you the author, wary of the terms regarding your copyright ownership and other assignments. With these rights, you have the flexibility to sell, transfer, assign, or license the rights through an array of custom agreements if you deem this necessary. All of these rights are able to be transferred, however, when you are exclusively transferring your rights, you must have some form of written consent from the previous owner. Failure to comply with these rules will be a direct violation of the copyright laws that are in place. When you are transferring your rights, you are essentially giving someone else the sole ownership of your personal property. Once the original owner relinquishes this right, they cannot control what the third party owner does with these rights. A situation where licensing is involved is slightly different. The original author still has most of the control but will allow a third party user to execute some of the rights or even all of them, which also protects them from various copyright lawsuits. This is a preferred method for copyright owners who are not willing to fully part ways with their creation. Licensing is an exceptional method because you still have free reign of control, and you get to dictate how someone else can use these rights under your supervision.

An efficient copyright attorney will do more than just making you aware of what your rights are. They will do the utmost to enforce these laws on your behalf, representing you in a federal court in the event of copyright lawsuits or any other miscellaneous scenarios. Infringement occurs when the copyright owner’s rights have been compromised or violated in any way. Typically, three factors need to occur for it to be labeled as an infringement. The copyright holder needs to have a valid copyright, the person who is committing the infringement must have some form of access to the work, a duplicate of the copyrighted work have to be outside certain guidelines, this includes concepts such as fair use.

There are exceptions to copyright infringement, these include:

(1 )Public Domain – Bodies of work that are longer covered by copyright law.

(2) Non-Copyrightable works – Infringement is immaterial when someone is using work that cannot be protected, including your own personal facts, ideas, and opinions.

(3) Fair Use – A document that allows for the replication of copyrighted material for limited purposes which can include reviewing, teaching, conducting literary criticisms. The Fair use clause is circumstantial and varies on a case to case basis.

Infringement is not a matter to take lightly. There are a plethora of legal ramifications that can follow if you violate any of these laws.


The infringer is required to pay the appropriate amounts for damages and profits.

The price range starts from $200-$150,000 for every piece of work that is infringed upon.

The infringer would also be required to pay all of the court costs and attorney fees.

The court can issue what is known as an injunction, as a means to stop the acts of infringement.

The court has the power to impound the legal works.

The infringer could face jail time, especially in cases where counterfeiting is a concern.

A team of comprehensive attorney will do their due diligence in ensuring that you have the best representation for you and your rights. Copyrights are a sacred body of work and have different levels of values to their authors. If the owner and attorney are in agreement that this body of work is important to protect, both parties will do the utmost to ensure that the right legal steps are taken to ensure that it’s safe, by any means necessary. A team of equipped individuals is always willing and able to step in and provide assistance if you truly need it. This isn’t a process that you need to endure on your own. Legal representation is always vital in terms of protecting your business and personal status. Everything that you have worked tirelessly to achievhttp://www.floridaipattorney.com/copyright-matters/e, can easily be stripped away by someone who has ill intentions. Because of our rigid legal system, there are many laws in place that do the utmost in protecting each and every client that is utilizing the services of these seasoned lawyers.

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