Why Do I Need a Truck Accident Attorney?

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Getting hit by a Semi-truck is very different from getting hit by a car, physically speaking and legally speaking. If you or a loved one has been injured in a trucking accident, there will be a lot of legal considerations, and complexities that arise. Which is exactly why you need an attorney by your side fighting for what’s rightfully yours.

Insurance carriers that represent truck operators and businesses will try to immediately offer the injured party a small amount of compensation. This prevents the case from developing and guarantees the parties involved will avoid a costly payout. You should never accept a legal offer before consulting a professional truck accident attorney. Throughout this article, I’ll inform you of all the reasons you need to hire a truck accident attorney directly after an accident.

Did you know that truck accident cases are worth much more than car accidents?

Trucking is extremely regulated

The transportation industry isn’t easy to navigate, especially for the typical John Doe. I’ll explain further by comparing the transportation industry to iCloud. We use iCloud every day, yet most of us have no idea how it actually works. The transportation industry is very similar in this way. Its governed by complex laws that are sanctioned by both state and federal governments. We may use the subway, uber, etc. but that doesn’t make us experts in navigating legal infractions within the transportation industry.

Due to a large number of regulations, it will be difficult to determine all the factors that may play a leading role in your case. However, an experienced truck accident attorney in Fort Lauderdale will know all of the right things to ask about and which regulations have been violated.

For example, all trucks and truck drivers are required to undergo roadside inspections that serve as a record of the trucks & their compliance to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSR). The FMCSR reported that in 2016, 464,343, out of more than 2,323,533 truck inspections had out-of-service violations. The most common truck violations were; lighting, breaks, and vehicle defects such as inspection, repair, or maintenance violations.

Any of these violations can easily cause a life-threatening accident on the road. Your truck accident attorney will be equipped to find the cause and get you the compensation you deserve.

The accident investigation process

There are a number of factors to investigate after a trucking accident. The purpose of the investigation process is to determine who may be at fault. For example, let’s say there’s a truck accident in Fort Lauderdale and the accident was caused by the trucks’ steering. We know what caused the accident, but don’t know the negligent party.  In this case, the negligent party may be the driver who didn’t follow protocol, the mechanic who didn’t properly install the steering or the trucking company who failed to take preventative action and ensure inspection. It’s important to have an expert attorney investigating your truck accident case so you can receive the appropriate amount of compensation with the least amount of effort.

Trucks cause more damage than cars

While this fact may be quite obvious, it’s completely relevant. Most of us are aware that a truck can do more damage than a car. I mean trucks are enormous vehicles with 16 wheels versus a small 4 wheel car. It just logically makes sense. But did you know that this is one of the reasons truck accidents are worth much more?

In most cases, truck accidents are worth more because there are often substantial injuries and expensive medical bills. This ultimately means more time taken off work and more property damage to compensate for. However, there’s more to this than physical injuries and property damage. Imagine getting hit by a huge semi-truck, it would be absolutely life-threatening.

After being in an accident, victims are often badly shaken up. With the victims in a daze, they typically cannot access the accident clearly and don’t take the appropriate steps after the fact. During this time, insurance companies will usually call nonstop offering unfair truck accident settlements. It’s no surprise that these victims often sign poorly executed settlements without ever contacting a lawyer. Victims of trucking accidents are getting taken advantage of by high-profit insurance companies and it should never happen to you. Don’t wait to contact an attorney after a trucking accident.

Truck insurance policies are simply the worst

Insuring a truck is much more complicated than insuring a car. In most circumstances, there will be more than one insurance policy in place. The company that hired the truck may have insurance, the driver may have personal insurance, the truck itself may have insurance, and in some cases, the objects in the truck will also be insured. Does that seem like your worst nightmare yet? I know it’s mine.

Just imagine dealing with a multitude of insurance companies right after a traumatic accident. It all just seems intimidating. Especially when every insurance company will be looking out for its own interests. Without the help of experienced truck accident lawyers from Fort Lauderdale, you may be left trying to manage a number of insurance policies and piles of paperwork. Now that’s no way to recover from injuries.

What SHOULD you do after a truck accident?

In the unfortunate event that you find yourself involved in a trucking accident you should:

1. Seek professional medical help immediately
2. Call the police if the damages exceed a thousand dollars
3. Immediately contact an experienced truck accident attorney so they can help you with all legal aspects after the accident & help you obtain the traffic cam footage
4. Take photos of the accident scene, documenting the weather, property damages, and any injuries.
5. Call your own insurance company if needed.
6. Don’t ever post your accident on social media. What you post can be found by insurance companies and be used against you in your case.

As you can see, truck accident cases are much more complex than car accident cases. It’s in your best interest to hire a professional truck accident attorney to fight your case for you and get you the compensation you deserve.

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