What Types Of Family Law Cases Typically Go To Trial?

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Legal cases can get a little messy. There are many instances where the two parties can’t compromise or the severity of the case can’t be solved outside of a courtroom or without the judicial ruling of a judge and jury. Though many people try to avoid unnecessary court time, sometimes these things are inevitable and require counseling from a skilled lawyer to be able to maneuver through the various legal procedures.

Family law is one of those legal branches that often sees its parties resolving disputes outside of the courtroom but sometimes not. There are many legal cases and circumstances that must be resolved in a court of law. Hiring a family court lawyer from Oklahoma City is the best way to swing the case in your favor if it comes to a courtroom proceeding. This will be the focus of this article; if you wish to know if your case has to go to court, continue reading and we’ll touch upon common family law cases that must be resolved in court.

To begin,  family law concerns any legal proceedings that deal with domestic issues pertaining to the family dynamic. These cases involve divorce disputes, adoption, name changes, guardianship, and more. A family law attorney from Oklahoma City is crucial for your success in court. Not only do they represent you in the court of law but they guide you through the various aspects that involve your cooperation.

A skilled and experienced lawyer can be the difference between your success in court or not. It’s of the utmost importance to hire someone knowledgeable because there are many twists and turns that come about in the midst of case or procedure. A reliable lawyer should know what to do when an issue arises as well as how to instruct their clients through the process.

Court time is expensive and can be time-consuming. It’s a process some people try to avoid as much as possible but, at times, it’s inevitable. The following list will highlight some family law cases that go to trial.

Dissolution of Marriage

When a couple chooses to end their marriage, they have some options on how to do so. They can either get a divorce or annulment. The difference between the two is that a divorce is a procedure of ending a legal marriage, while annulment is based on illegal and detrimental factors such as bigamy, mental illness, fraud, and being underage.

With the dissolution of marriage cases, a family court lawyer from Oklahoma City can negotiate aspects such as alimony, child custody, and the distribution of assets and property.


Guardianship determines who will oversee the care of a minor or adult who can no longer take care of themselves. People in these sorts of situations can’t simply be left to fend for themselves; there must be someone responsible for their well-being. Apart from naming a guardian, you also have the right to remove that responsibility from a person who’s assumed that responsibility or object to it altogether.

Child Custody

Though most divorce cases are settled outside the courtroom, there are many aspects that complicate this and must be settled in court; child custody is one of these aspects. The difference between child custody and guardianship is that under child custody the parents assume either full-time or split responsibility for the child while the guardianship assumes non-parental care of the child.

As any family law attorney in Oklahoma City will tell you, in order to be granted custody of the child, the parent has to prove that they are capable of caring for the child. They must provide evidence that they’re employed, financially sound, and have a place of residence where the child can safely reside.


You can legally change your name in the court of law. You’ve probably seen this with athletes and musicians like Chad Johnson to Chad Ochocinco, and Ron Artest to Metta World Peace, and Frank Feranna to Nikki Sixx. Though it’s not as simple as walking into court and signing the name change document; there are steps that must be taken to ensure that the reason for the name change is sound.

The courts are trying to see that you’re not changing your name to escape debt, commit or escape a crime, or any other fraudulent behavior. Any other reasons to change your name are considered valid in the eyes of the law.

Issues Involving Childre and Minors

The well-being of children and minors is of the utmost importance to the law and its practitioners. Whenever there’s suspicion of abuse or neglect of minors, those responsible for their well-being are brought to court to rectify the abuse that’s been inflicted upon them. The District Attorney of the Juvenile Division mostly handles the cases involving the well-being of children.

Domestic Abuse

These are some of the most serious cases that find their way to court. Just as lawyers and courtroom judges handle cases where the well-being of minors is a stake, so are adults who are experiencing violent or abusive situations. There are many domestic violence laws made to protect victims who have been abused or subjected to violent behavior and prosecute the offender under criminal law.

In Conclusion

There are many instances where family law cases must appear before a court; whether for their severity or the indecision of both parties, it’s important that a family law attorney from Oklahoma City be present to represent your rights and needs. Family law extends to more than just divorce, which oftentimes can be resolved outside the courtroom, but there are many other cases such as name change, domestic abuse, adoption, and guardianship that must be handled before a judge and jury.

A talented family court lawyer in Oklahoma City can be the difference between getting what you need from the law or not. If you’re dealing with any domestic issues, you should consult an experienced lawyer early enough in the case to make an efficient defense or prosecution for you. With enough time he or she can make the best case for you to stand in the court of law. This is an important step in your legal journey; you should remember that not only are your rights at stake but if its the case, the well-being of your children and loved ones as well.

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