What To Look For When Customizing Your Kitchen Pantry

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An organized pantry is an essential part of any kitchen. It is where you store foods like cereal, canned food, noodles, and cooking ingredients, so it is important that you like the look and set up of your pantry. When you are hungry, that will be one of the first places that you go to satisfy your stomach.

Older style pantries are not always the most spacious in comparison to the amount of food that you or your family consumes. A pantry renovation might just be the thing you need to jazz up the style of your kitchen. Custom kitchen pantry installation companies want you to finally enjoy your kitchen and discover the ease of grabbing whatever ingredient you need whenever you need it.

If you want a custom kitchen pantry, installation services are accessible and convenient for any homeowner. Here are some tips and designs that will help you choose a style and prepare for installation.


Every pantry design focuses on easy access to delectables and cooking products. The way they achieve this is by incorporating specialized storage appliances like pull-out drawers and baskets, built-in racks and shelves, and counters.

The style of the pantry is another factor that needs to be addressed before they construct your pantry. If you do not have an idea of the kind of style you are looking for, look on the websites of businesses that design a great custom kitchen pantry. Look at the layouts that they have produced in the past and decide whether they’re the best company to choose.

The different pantry styles have different designs integrated into it that may catch your attention. Examples include a triangular modern style wine shelf. Each triangular shelf makes up a square that holds the wine bottles stacked on top of one another.

With any pantry, there needs to be a way to access this section of the kitchen. You are customizing your pantry design, there is an abundance of reconstructing abilities in the way that it is set up. Some pantries have sliding doors, double doors, and glass doors to add an original flare.

Before the custom kitchen pantry installation begins, the builders will need to get the dimensions of the space intended for the pantry. From there, they can draw up a blueprint.

Color Scheme

A large part of redecorating your pantry maintaining a cohesive color scheme with the rest of your kitchen. The color scheme can match by color and by the material it is made out of. Some traditional style pantries use a deep brown or light brown wood to make up the material of their drawers, shelves, and cabinets.

Other pantries are not limited to plywood for cabinets and shelves with a wood trim finish or an iron-on veneer banding finish.

Free Standing Pantries

If you have an open and unused wall in your kitchen, do not fret! A freestanding pantry/cabinet is the perfect component to take up space and make space at the same time. An open shelf is a kind of pantry that sits along a wall. They tend to have cabinets, drawers and a small countertop for smaller appliances like plates, cups, coffee-makers, a small wine cellar, and so forth.

Open shelve pantries are out in the open and do not take up a lot of space; yet, they make for great aesthetic features.


A walk-in pantry has one of the largest storage capacity. There are about three walls and multiple layers of shelves that hold dozens of snacks, pans, small ingredients, cookbooks as well as larger appliances like microwaves, blenders, and crockpots.

There is a bunch of room to decorate and group items together based on function or food group. When you walk into your walk-in pantry, your foods will be surrounding you resulting in easy access to whatever you need.

Another benefit is that they do not take up a lot of space in your kitchen. Standard walk-in pantries are 24 to 36 inches wide. They are typically in a single hidden area of the kitchen and out of sight until the door is open.

Walk-in pantries are a good investment because of their carrying abilities. Homes with this kind of pantry have a higher home value than homes with regular pantries.

Some pantries are openly designed to fit in the “work triangle” part of the kitchen which takes up less space. These kinds of pantries can have a door or remain open. Regardless, these kinds of pantries are not in the way of your work zone.


Pantry accessories are great assets for extra storage. Retractable metal and material baskets are a great way to hold other kinds of storable items. Placing the baskets on shelves or stacking them is a wonderful way to create more space. Flat metal racks are perfect to hold your spices and wines within the shelves.

In order to keep parts of your pantry organized, the less that the products are able to move and shift around the better.

To prevent clutter in your drawers, you can purchase metal frames that create pockets to separate the contents inside.


Communication is imperative when you are explaining your vision with the contractor. They will use 3D technology to measure the space and calculate the best shape options for your home. They will be the ones who will bring your ideas to life. Ask the contractor for their estimated cost and installment time. They will layout the price for the specific design that you are expecting.

On average, the installation process takes 6-8 weeks depending on the details. The price also depends on the pantry design. On average, installation for a custom kitchen pantry is around $1,000 to $ 2,000.

The best thing about upgrading your kitchen pantry is that it adds an edge to your kitchen. The beauty of organized food products will motivate you to keep it looking as clean and tidy as well as amaze your guests. The largest item to consider when creating your dream custom kitchen pantry is to have an understanding of the functions you want your pantry to have and features that will make you never want to leave your kitchen.

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