What Is The GOLO Diet Program And Can It Help You Lose Weight?

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If you have struggled with weight loss programs or dieting plans then you understand how physically and emotionally challenging fluctuations in weight or eating can be on your daily routine. What if there was an underlying factor beneath all of that healthy eating and consistent exercise that you were not aware of before? Well, that is exactly what the GOLO diet program suggests. The GOLO diet program targets and helps manage the levels of insulin within your body because it claims that it can cause you to store extra fat as well as decrease your metabolism. By following the GOLO diet program, in its entirety, you can expect to effectively manage your insulin levels. This means that you have more general control over your weight loss because of how involved insulin is in affecting weight, blood sugar levels, and fat storage. Most of the time when we hear about the hormone insulin we think about diabetes and the concerns that the millions of people diagnosed with diabetes are challenged with every day. In order to get at the heart of the GOLO diet program and how insulin control helps with weight loss we have to understand how insulin works within the body.

Why does insulin cause weight gain? The GOLO diet program hinges on the science behind optimizing insulin levels. Understanding how insulin can affect weight is crucial before getting into the science of the GOLO diet program itself. Insulin is a hormone that stimulates your body’s cells to take in more sugar. When insulin is released by the pancreas it begins to work on nearly all the cells in your body – that includes fat cells, liver cells, and muscle cells. The science here is that if you intake more than you are able to burn off, then that extra sugar is stored in the body elsewhere. If your body begins to store more and more sugar but produces less and less insulin, it can result in strange fluctuations in body weight. The GOLO diet program targets your metabolic rates by ensuring the right levels of insulin in your body which leads to healthy body weight. Controlling blood sugar levels becomes increasingly difficult the more a person weighs – however, with the GOLO diet program, insulin levels can be controlled more effectively with diet, exercise, and supplements. 

How does the GOLO diet program work? The GOLO diet program is a weight loss program that includes a realistic meal plan and involves the use of a supplement that they provide as part of the program. The program results in healthy weight levels and a more controlled sensitivity to insulin. Not only does the supplements and exercise routine help with controlling weight, but the whole foods you consume through the program will help you manage blood glucose levels. Typically when you eat any food, mainly carbohydrates, you will experience an increase in your blood glucose levels as insulin begins to work in your body. The GOLO diet program is created to give you better control over blood glucose levels and any sensitivity to insulin by providing a balanced meal plan that includes all food groups. By eating balanced meals, you keep insulin steadier, longer. The slower your body is able to release insulin means fewer spikes or crashes in insulin levels as you consume food throughout the day. 

What makes the GOLO diet program different than other eating plans? The main difference for the GOLO diet program is that it uses a plant-based nutritional supplement by GOLO called: Release. GOLO is one of the few diet programs that involves the frequent use of a natural supplement. GOLO’s Release aims at reducing insulin production. Release, in combination with the GOLO meal plan, can generate some positive results quickly. 

How can I see the best results from the GOLO diet program? In order to gain the best results, you should really consider adhering to the entire eating program and take the supplement regularly with meals. In terms of what results to expect, some standard rates for weight loss from a diet could be anywhere between 1-2 pounds per week – users of GOLO have reported similar rates from their success with the program. 

As mentioned before, if you have any experience with weight loss or eating programs then you know just how challenging it can be to wade through confusing instructions and unpromising results. Choosing an eating program or supplement program that works best for you is a process. It will take heavy research, trial and error, and expert testimonies. Feel free to consult with a dietician or physician for any questions you have regarding the GOLO diet program. In addition to that, you can always ask about weight loss to any health care professionals you may employ. It is possible to reach weight goals and gain a healthier body in many ways – while regular exercise, portion control, and calorie management provide results, the structure and guidance of a program can help as well.

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