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Are you having a tough time balancing your finances and making sure that the production deadlines are timely met?

Thinking a helping hand would be beneficial?

Why not hire a business advisor whose strategic planning will escalate productivity as well as efficiency?

We understand the need for a neutral third party who will assist you in making well-informed business decision and structure effective policies. This is where a business advisor would come to your rescue.

  • Being a third party, their perception of your business assessment will be free from emotions, which will help come up with a more rational plan. They are not afraid to ask big questions and will make sure that a strategic plan post analysis will steer ahead your business.
  • Your trial and error might lead to extensive wastage of time, money, and internal resources, which a business advisor will save you from. An advisor be it for regulatory affairs in Israel or a corporate advisor have only one aim at heart: protect and progress the business in a cost-effective manner.
  • Their industry expertise, market knowledge, and dexterity in helping various businesses across industries will make sure that your business always has a competitive advantage over others in the landscape.

But there are certain things that you need to keep in mind when interviewing the potential business advisor:


How much experience do they hold in advising the business of your industry? You need someone with demonstrable experience in your sector so that they are able to use the expertise to identify your problem areas and resolve them with minimum utilization of resources.


You do not want to be perplexed with a suddenly hidden fee in your monthly fee to the advisor, which is why it’s essential that you make ask precisely what and how they would prefer getting paid for their service. It could be a certain percentage along with the remainder or a monthly fixed fee.


If they own a website, check the testimonials and their review on the various social media platform. Furthermore, you can also ask for their former clients (which if they are confident about, would not mind sharing the details with you). Peer reviews help screen out the candidates that are worth not investing your time and energy in.


Will they work with other clients while providing you business consultation? Will they be okay with signing a letter of confidentiality in order to save your data and business information from being leaked to your rivals?


What tools, technologies are they equipped with to help your business scale its productivity? How do they keep themselves updated with the latest development in their industry to make sure very strategy made is competent with the contemporary demand of the market scenario and customers.


What if you want to terminate the contract mid-year? Is there any fee written into the contract as a penalty? Is there any negotiation possible? What is the notice period etc. ? Such questions will help you understand what you are getting yourself into.

Always make sure to ask as many as question possible because the one consultation session is all you have to ensure whether or not the prospective advisor helps your business scale up or bring it down.

Remember an ethical, passionate advisor with your best interest in their heart is going to help you in the long run, revenue as well as reputation wise over an advisor whose ultimate aim is to mint consultation fee by suggesting ones -size fits all approach to your business and condescending you with hopes of a bright and lucrative future.

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