Things to know if you are dealing with international debt collection

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International debt collection is like a nightmare for most of the consumers because most of them don’t about their rights. Getting calls and emails on a regular basis for paying the debt is the worst situation one can imagine especially if the consumer is financially weak. But you should also know that the debt collector is not calling you for fun or with an intention of harassing you, it is because you haven’t paid a legal debt which you were supposed to pay in the specified timeline.

Knowing your rights doesn’t mean that you should stop avoiding calls from the debt collector and especially in the case of international debt collection because most of the experts in this field agree that it is a bad idea. If you will ignore the emails and phone calls from the international debt collectors then the situation can go worst and you will have no idea of what’s coming next. So, in this blog post, we will dig into some important things which you should know while dealing with international debt collection so that you can handle the situation smoothly and without being harassed.

Understand your rights

First of all, you should read the various papers published and issued by the U.S Federal Trade Commission in order to inform consumers about their rights when it comes to debt collection. You should go through the Fair Debt Collection Practice Act as it will help you to avoid any type of harassment during the debt collection process. If you are going through any abusive or threatening phone calls or being harassed for debt collection then you should report it to the legal authorities. Having an unpaid debt doesn’t mean you have to go through harassment.

Never hide

If you are planning to ignore all the phone calls and emails by the debt collector then it is the worst idea while dealing with debt collection. According to the current law, the consumer has the right to send a written request in order to verify the debt within 30 days of the first communication by the debt collector. If you will keep ignoring the reality of debt then debt collector can manipulate your credit score and that will act as big hurdle while going for loans, economical car insurance and in some cases, it can also affect chances of getting a good job.

Go for a consumer lawyer

If you are holding a lawsuit for debt collection then you should never waste time and find a consumer lawyer as soon as possible. This lawyer will help you to deal with the debt collection lawsuit and he/she will represent you in the court. If you are not able to find a good lawyer then you can check the website of National Association of consumer advocates and go through their attorney lookup page. There are many debt collection lawsuits filed by companies with little or no evidence and in such cases, a good consumer lawyer can help you to get away with the lawsuit without paying even a single penny.

So, if someone is calling you for international debt collection and you don’t know how to deal with it then go through the tips mentioned in this blog post and know your rights while dealing with a debt collector.

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