The Best Way to Utilize Side Folding Gates

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Every business needs to have great security measures in place to protect their investments. In a physical commercial setting, side-folding gates can provide a variety of pleasing solutions for retail, commercial, and industrial industries all around the globe. This is especially helpful when businesses don’t have the right layout to install a big heavy door that closes at night for protection.

Side folding doors can offer high-value businesses like jewelry and electronic shops heavy security during off-hours to protect against unwanted vandalism or theft. The slide folding door or gate can also be easily installed and requires only a small amount of wall space for the anchor. To help you determine if side folding gates are best for your business we will go over all the possible characteristics.

Side folding doors can be any width

Do you have a large opening in the front of your store? Do you have multiple different entrances that vary in shape and size? No matter what your store’s entrance looks like, side-folding gates will be your saving grace. There are lightweight models, easy to operate gates that can span as far as your eyes can see.

Worried about how secure these gates are? Not to worry, they stay secure because every ten feet there is a floor bolt that sits in a socket that disappears when it’s not in use. Furthermore, inventive styling can turn support pillars into an important design feature.

Curvy is always accepted!

With side folding gates, your entrance can be as curvy as you want. Say goodbye to restraining store layouts. Side folding gates can offer you exceptional security for any store type. Not to mention, shoppers typically respond well to bends in-store layouts. You don’t wanna turn that down in fear of not finding the right enclosure!

If your store’s design aesthetic calls for lots of curves, you will be pleased to now that these shapes can have any degree of curve. From gentle turns & curves to full sweeping curves, the only limit is your imagination!

They take up little to no storage space

The entryway of your store, of course, has to be inviting to your customers. Attracting them to product displays and enticing them to buy something is an important aspect of sales. A secure door that is only used after closing is best left unseen during working hours. It’s beneficial to have a door that will be invisible during the day & invincible during the night.

To meet these needs, your side folding gates will need to disappear into the pockets in the wall. Door panels can be sized to fit the space between commercial wall studs. The sockets for the floor will also disappear thanks to retractable covers. This will ensure the security for the store will be completely invisible to the shoppers during open hours.

Attractive, brand cautious gates

As a store owner, and possible store designer you need to demonstrate your brand and values to your customers. Your customers may like the look of an attractive gate, but at the same time be concerned about controlling costs.

Why choose between good security and an attractive storefront? With side folding doors, you don’t have to. Not to mention these options are often less expensive to purchase, install and maintain.

Creative possibilities

No matter what you choose as your store layout, it’s amazing to know that your creativity won’t be compromised because of design. With side folding gates you don’t have to sweat over security door restrictions. You probably have one important question by now, do these new doors work well? And the answer is YES!

Whether your store is in a patrolled mall or on the street, the materials that are chosen will provide excellent resistance to all thieves and criminals. Due to modern alarm systems, intruders know they only have a few spare moments to grab their treasures and then hit the road. These gates provide a deterrent that tells thieves they need to look for an easier target elsewhere.

Variety of options

Of course, there a large variety of shapes, colors, materials, and patterns, but that’s not all. You also have the choice of an open air model versus full closure models. Open air models provide security while allowing full visual access and air circulation. Full closure models will provide visual access is some cases and enhanced security by preventing movement through the openings. Applications include shopping malls, convention centers, schools, garages, commercial projects, etc.


  • Manufactured for same-day-pickup.
  • Constructed entirely of heavy-duty galvanized steel.
  • Low maintenance parts, no flaking paint, no corrosion, no rust.
  • Lock bracket enables any padlock to be used.
  • Extended and Collapsed heights differ – Provide maximum height when ordering to ensure enough room is available under lintel for collapsed height (open position).


  1. Gate: Constructed entirely of heavy-duty galvanized steel. A single gate or double gate curtain allows the gate to open at different points.
  • Advantages – Low maintenance, no flaking paint, no corrosion, no rust, high-quality finish.
  1. Rivets: Constructed with aircraft quality ¼” zinc plated rivets.
  •  Advantages – Will not loosen or separate with prolonged use, unlike the competitor’s aluminum pop rivets.
  1. Wheels: Constructed entirely of steel.
  • Advantages – Withstands heavy impacts and heavy continuous use, unlike the competitor’s plastic wheels.
  1. Powder Coating in more than 180 colors to fit the brand and aesthetic of any store.

It can be rather confusing trying to find the best material, color, model, shape, and priced security door for a new store. There are a lot of factors that come into place when deciding which side folding door is best for your storefront. Hopefully, after reading this article you have a better understanding of what is best for your store and it’s security.  You can never be too careful when it comes to protection and security. Protecting your investment from unwanted intruders is something every businessman has to do eventually. Protect your store from thieves today with side-folding gates!

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