The Benefits Of Using A Step-Cycling Machine

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For years Americans have been obsessed with the upcoming fad diet or new revolutionary workout equipment. Why? We all want something that’s going to work perfectly for our bodies. Diets come and go just like the weight we lose and gain with them. Outside fitness equipment requires yearly maintenance and is typically very difficult to move once in place, all the while, gym memberships are outdated and constantly being canceled.

People find it difficult to get an effective and substantial workout at the gym, especially without the help of a personal trainer. Why is it so difficult to find an effective workout that we can stay committed to?

We – don’t – enjoy – it!

The problem with crazy diets and new workout equipment is that it’s not forever. Diets typically starve us into looking at how we want; new workout technologies are effective but not fun to use. We abandoned these new lifestyles and retreat to our old sluggish ways as soon as we get bored. So what is the solution to the growing problem of getting a sustainable, fun workout in a decent amount of time? New Step Cycling workout machines are here to answer our workout prayers.

The Cricket step machine is anything but your typical gym equipment. This step cycling machine is designed so you can get the most efficient exercise with great results! The Cricket Stepper combines the best features of a cycling machine and a step workout into one simple workout device. The workout machine functions as both a tricycle and an elliptical, it even incorporates a fluid stepping motion into a forward movement. Meaning you can actually exercise on the move now. If you hate staring at the Television while using the elliptical at the gym, your worries are gone! If you love the outdoors, you can now gaze at changing scenery while conducting your daily workouts on the cricket stepper! The patented design allows you to ride over sidewalks, streets, and cycling paths with great ease, so you won’t miss out on any outdoor pleasantries. Getting healthy and fit should be a semi-enjoyable activity, right? A fun exercise machine like the cricket stepper is an investment all healthy gurus should consider.

Great for All Ages

One of the advantages of the cycling machine is the ability to provide benefits for all ages. The cricket stepper can benefit the elderly population who wish to improve their overall health one workout at a time. The design of this step machine helps prevent workout-related injury and pain; low impact workouts encourage sensitivity to the user’s joints. Low impact workouts are great for slowly building strength and muscle endurance over time without putting stress on your joints. For those of you who suffer from joint discomfort low impact exercises are a great way to enjoy a healthy lifestyle without making existing conditions worse.

Unconventional Workout

If you struggle to stay motivated during a workout or struggle to even make it to the gym, I promise you this investment will change your life. I was the same way once upon a time, going to the gym maybe once or twice a week & once I get there I hardly have the motivation to complete an intense workout. If you’re not overly interested in conventional ways of getting fit, you should strongly consider this fun alternative.

Weight Control

The unique design of the step machine gives you all the benefits of being in the gym without any of the drawbacks. The cricket stepper is equipped with an electronic display much like the one you would find on a treadmill at the gym, making it simple to track your calories burned, distance, time, and much more. With accurate statistics being displayed during your workout it will be easier to control your weight while using the revolutionary machine. There is no need for expensive watches or gadgets to track your progress, your workout machine can do it all for you!

Tones & Shapes

Another advantage of the cycling machine is that it’s specifically designed to exercise your major muscle groups. This will result in toning and shaping in areas such as calves, thighs, and gluts. The machine strengthens and tones your butt, providing significant life over time if you are consistent with your workouts. However, this is still a low impact workout which means the cycle stepper can be a good choice no matter what shape you’re currently in.

Cardiovascular Workout

Enjoy an aerobic exercise that promotes a full-body workout! Riding just 20 minutes a day can promote a healthier heart & help clear your mind. Cardio exercise helps keep your heart strong, and when your heart is strong it doesn’t have to work as hard to pump blood throughout your body. Furthermore, cardiovascular exercise can help reduce your risk of heart attacks, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and much more. With deadly heart conditions being the leading cause of death in Americans it’s a good idea to be proactive throughout your life to reduce your risks.


As I mentioned in the introduction, many diets and exercise programs fail simply because the user doesn’t want to use it anymore. Which is why the Cricket Stepper is the holy grail of workout equipment! It’s easy, effective, and most of all FUN to use for everyone. There are multiple different ways to utilize this workout equipment which makes it difficult to get bored of. I’m telling you, finding a workout routine you LOVE is key to maintaining your new healthy lifestyle. Too many times have I watched someone invest in an expensive accessory only to get bored of it and abandon it the very next week. In my opinion, the best advantage of this cycling machine is its ability to entertain the user while they conduct a workout.

For users, enjoyment, and health, the cricket stepper tricycle offers many benefits. If you love being outdoors and riding with friends & family while getting exercise this is the perfect investment for you! I guarantee this is one revolutionary machine you won’t get bored of.

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