Solar Carports: Everything You Will Ever Need To Learn and More

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Did you know you can save money by using a solar carport? Some of you may not know what a solar carport is, so let me explain. A solar carport is an overhead fixture in the parking area, including your parking garage at home.

A Solar carport is a solar technology added onto the existing structure.

Solar technology is becoming more popular. There is a difference between a regular carport and a solar carport. Each requires different hardware and installation techniques.

One difference is that the solar carport does not require a solid surface to attach to, unlike traditional solar paneling. The panels used to create the solar carport will shield your car and provide clean energy at the same time.

What Are the Benefits? How Does A Solar Carport Help Save Money and Energy?

1) The first benefit is that it comes with unlimited potential. In other words, you can customize it based on your preferences, including metal carport ideas. Since solar carports can be constructed from either stainless steel or metal, you can go through those metal carport ideas and see what works.

2) You do not have to build a solar carport on your roof. You can build it anywhere you want on your property. That will increase the value of your home. You will also see a lot of savings on your energy bill.

3) Where you structure your solar carport has a big impact on how much money you save. The best thing to do is structure it near other solar panels you may have on your property. That way you are optimizing the savings and the energy you use.

4) Do you use an electric charger for your car? You can easily integrate the two. That alone will help to save you money in the long run. You can also combine the carport with your home battery and reduce the energy bill by at least 30%(numbers may vary for some of you).


Did you know that your solar carports and other common solar energy are very similar in a lot of respects? In other words, you can customize everything to run off of each other. The energy from the carport can be used inside your home, even an EV battery if you have one.

You can even take the energy from your solar carport and funnel it into a house battery. That alone can reduce the energy you use over time.

How Can They Save Energy and Money Commercially?

A great place to find one of these solar carports, outside of your home, is in parking lots across the nation. You can find one in either a private or public setting. You can also find one at your local church and stadium or arena.

Parking lots across the nation are being converted into a solar carport which is going to save the cities a lot of money on their energy bills. The city pays for that parking lot. The money you pay to park is how they pay the bill every month. It has to come from somewhere.

As cities across the country begin to see the savings of the solar carport, the money they charge you for parking there may decrease. That is just an assumption, mind you. It could happen though.

An Example

Some of you may be familiar with the company, Intel. They recently installed solar carports on two of their more popular campuses. There are 30,000 solar panels for each campus. Each campus generated between 7.7-8.7 MW of electricity. More corporations are following that lead based on the feedback they received.

Two Benefits

1) Through the energy production companies are saving money because they do not have to use as much now.

2) They can use the money they saved through the solar carports to produce more energy products, such as EV batteries and chargers.

EV charging ports are needed by people who drive electric cars. Electric cars are becoming more popular with each passing day. That money can be used to keep the ports updated and current.

More customers will start to come and use these ports because of the savings, which means more money for the company.

Either way, this is a practical and technology-based solution that benefits everyone, whether you have gone solar or not. A solar carport offers more protection, sometimes better protection than the traditional options.

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