Six Things to Consider Before Choosing the Best Bulk Email Software

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Email marketing is one of the oldest techniques of reaching out to potential customers and if the stars are to believe it is likely to maintain its position and importance for many upcoming years or even decades. Buying an email marketing software is probably the only big investment that you make in the direction of promoting your company through email marketing. Hence, it is important to take this decision wisely and after considering all the important points.

Before you look out for buying the most suitable or the best bulk email software, you need to analyze your needs. Check out for the problems that you want your bulk email software to solve. Most email marketing services provide a solution that can easily send bulk emails to a list of customers.

However, the difference lies in what kind of personalization and customization you want your software to perform and to what extent you want your email marketing templates to be customizable.

Read on to understand what things or situations you might have to consider and understand before you choose the right bulk email software for your company.

  1. Integration with CRM – CRM is an integral part of sales lifecycle management and customer management. It is the tool that is directly or indirectly going to create (or differentiate) the list of customers at various stages. Therefore, when buying an email-marketing tool, this should be the first thing on your priority list. Make sure that the bulk email software that you are considering can integrate seamlessly with your current CRM. If not, we are sure you do not want to change your CRM for a new email marketing software and give all your employees a roller-coaster experience with the new environment.
  2. Traceability – This should surely be at the second position on your priority list while looking for the best bulk email software. You understand your company, your industry, your customers and their needs the most. Hence, it is you who can decide what amount of measuring capacity you need from your email marketing software.There are some bulk emailing softwares that can trace only the unsubscribed users. On the other hand, there are some that can trace the smallest activity of the recipient like what time did the click the link in the email and how much time did they spend on a particular link. The monitoring capacity of a bulk email service can help you in analyzing the data and further in improving or in some cases even stop pitching the emails. Hence, this feature should be correctly weighed before deciding on the software.
  3. What Email Campaigns does it Allow – As said, you understand your customer more than any email marketing service provider does. Thus, you first need to decide on what experience do you want to create for your customers through email marketing. For this, you need to be aware of your customer’s journey, needs, persona, and other associated factors. Next thing is to decide what exactly can help you in triggering your customers to get engaged with your products or services. Whether it is the e-newsletter, welcome series, pre-purchase emails, post-purchase emails or just promotional emails, consider the ability of your software before purchasing it.
  4. Readability of Email – According to a survey, 43% of people open their emails on a mobile phone. With the advancements in technology of a mobile phone, people tend to use their phones for each and every online activity. Lesser people today prefer desktop over their mobile phone to read emails or check social media feeds.

For that reason, it becomes crucial for the bulk email service to provide mobile-optimized email marketing templates. If your emails are not mobile optimized or contain images that do not fit a mobile screen, your recipient is quite likely to bounce or delete the email immediately.

  1. Response Handling – When the customers receive emails, they are expected to respond in some or the other way. It is the responsibility of the emailing software to handle the responses in the correct way.In case of a small or medium sized business, responding to a customer’s email is quite easy because the number is less. However, in the case of large businesses that shoot lakhs of emails in a single day, response-handling system needs to be strong and automated. Consequently, if you have a big organization that needs to handle mass responses from its customers daily, you should better look out for a software that can auto-reply to such emails or that can aggregate customer responses into tickets. 
  2. Employee-friendly – An email software that is tricky to learn and difficult to operate can create confusion and annoyance among your employees who have to deal with it on a daily basis. The best bulk email software is the one that incorporates all your needs and is still easy to learn and operate. This will also decrease your expenditure over employee training and the time involved in the same. Thus, an easy-to-operate email software saves much of your time as well as cost. 

Choosing the right email marketing software can take your business to new heights. Likewise, an unsuitable bulk email software can cause a major hurdle in the smooth functioning of your company and its employees. Thus, do check the compatibility of the software with your company and employees before buying one.

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