Qualities That Make a Great Collection Agent

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A successful debt collection agent needs to have some special qualities. All of these assets then work together to bring each interaction to a winning close. Let’s look at these one by one.

Comfortable Communicator

A good debt collector is not afraid to talk to the customer and obtain needed information. They know a number of techniques to keep the customer on the line so a successful compromise can be reached. A debt collection agency needs to obtain the correct picture of the client’s circumstances. Lots of time in customer service is obviously a benefit to debt collection.

Competent Gatekeeper

A good collection agent realizes that many people hide from debt collectors. They need to be super spy-like to reach the debtor. This might take a number of phone calls. Along with this comes also be patience to perform multiple phone calls to reach the target. The decision maker is the one who must agree to the settlement.

Knows Strategies for Defeating Objections

A business collection agency is faced daily with many objections to paying off the debt. A good agent knows how to turn this objection into successful outcomes. Most customers actually want to pay off their debts, but they have been overwhelmed by other obligations or financial setbacks. With encouragement, most customers will appreciate the help of a collection agent.

Empathetic Listener

It is important to listen to the client and to show sympathy for their situation. A debt collector should not make his or her clients feel bad about having the debt. They should realize that anyone could have this problem, and now, today we are going to find a solution together. It helps for the agent to rephrase the points the client is saying as a way of verifying what they have heard.

Fast Problem Solver

Debt collection agencies need to work with their clients. Each representative should know the options that their agency is willing to accept. Then, they can use these to formulate a plan the customer can work with. The phrase “win-win” is a bit overused, but that is the goal here. Both the agency and the client must reach an accord.

Competitive Person

The successful collection agent must actually finish their transactions losing as little time as possible. Obviously, the more clients they can handle in a day will drive up their income and the agency’s as well. Remember there are lots of agencies out there who are happy to collect the debt. A good agent does not let any clients slip away to a competitor.

Verifies Agreement With the Client

Each client needs to understand what they are agreeing to undertake. It helps if the agent can make the client repeat the terms of the agreement back to them. This helps focus both the client and the agent on the transaction at hand. It also gives the client one last time to reflect on how this agreement is going to affect their life. You don’t want clients promising to pay amounts that they cannot pay.

An Agent Should Like People

A good agent should enjoy talking to people, not merely enduring them. Each relationship should be reached with a good effect. Understanding many people will be a bit unsettled or angry about the communication is a good place to start. Most people don’t like to discuss financial issues with friends and family. They won’t want to talk to a collection agent, either. An agent who likes people understands the reactions of others to financial issues.

Encouraging these qualities in your collection agents will lead you to a profitable and professional agency.

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