Mobile Column Lifts: The Fastest And easiest Choice For Your Maintenance Centre

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Business owners are always looking for the flexibility and convenience that can lift any vehicle easily. Today, extensive facilities are offering a wide selection of Mobile Column Lifts at all prices. When working on long-wheelbase heavy vehicles, you will need a mobile column lifting system at the height of the task.

The Mobile Column Lifts consist of four or six columns with adjustable forks for different wheel sizes. It’s the fastest and most straightforward choice for your service centre. Faster because of the installation time and the lifting speed that beats the competition hands down!

Mobile Column Lifts are Easier because there are fewer cables to wind and fewer steps to perform by the technician to put the lifts in service. Heavy-duty mobile column lifts are state-of-the-art electro-hydraulic lifts suitable for the assembly and repair of heavy-duty vehicles. It is available in different combinations of tonnage and number of columns as 



  •   Repair and replacement of complete axles
  •   Repair or replacement of the suspension
  •   Wheel replacement/axle spindle repair
  •   Repair or replacement of the engine
  •   Disposal of used oil


  •   Splash-proof power supply
  •   Forklift with fixed forks
  •   Single synchronization system
  •   Column equipped with a control box and a hydraulic pump unit
  •   Automatic error diagnosis functions
  •   Equipped with remote control
  •   Each column has an LCD
  •   Optional axle support
  •   Mobile column lifts specially designed for heavy vehicles

Combined lifting capacity of up to 60t, these lifts are designed to be heavy, sturdy, and manageable. Our range of mobile column lifts is also extremely compact and can be stored when not in use. Besides, with only ten moving parts per column, they require little maintenance and are reliable.

Things you should be aware which indicates what is probable for Mobile Column Lifts

If you are planning of adding up, Mobile Column Lifts to your store, as far as one knows here are the essential facts or principles of how they work and some of the advantages that can bring critical effect to your nature of work.

1. They are truly mobile

One of the most significant benefits of this type of Mobile Column Lifts is its battery-powered and unlocked columns, which means they can be moved anywhere. And if you choose the wireless model, you don’t need to bother with cables at all.

Mobility also means that columns can be stored on the side of the main store, creating additional space that can be used for other tasks.

As your store’s business grows and develops, this is especially critical because it means more repairs can be done without the need for expensive renovations to increase the work surface.

The columns can even be used outdoors in good weather.

This can be a massive benefit for repairs as it means that technicians will not take the time to try to move vehicles from one place to another.

2. The technicians love them

Compared to dedicated creepers and bays, most technicians would choose mobile column elevators wherever possible.

Indeed, the columns are versatile enough to be moved to the work to be done, have no electrical cords and allow technicians to get up to do their job, which increases the levels of safety, reduces the risk of back injuries and improves the efficiency of operations.

All of these productivity and security gains benefit not only a store’s bottom line, but also its retention rate.

In a competitive market of skilled mechanics, recruiting and retaining employees are top priorities for many traders.

Implementing equipment that technicians like and appreciate is essential.

3. The good Mobile Column lifts are certified

There are many Mobile Column lifts manufacturers, but not all are created equal. Some do rigorous tests on each lift. It’s worth investing in elevators that have been extensively tested to ensure you get a quality product that has proven to meet or exceed industry safety and performance standards.

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