Learn How Chatbots is Revolutionising Small Business

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Chatbots: The Newest and Best Marketing Tactic

Automation is the future! Approximately 73 percent of people say that they prefer live chat via facebook or other platform over phone or email. Why? Because it is convenient and always accessible. At work but need to contact customer service for a local phone provider? It can easily be done via facebook messenger. At a party? But interested in purchasing a new camper? It can be done via kik! Chatbots are the way of the evolving world and we absolutely must keep up!

What Exactly are Chatbots?

Aren’t sure what a chatbot is. They are everywhere but the most common thought of ones are google assistant or Alexa. Chatbots are today’s equivalent of that automated answering machines that were all the rad twenty years ago. Except now you no longer have to press one to speak to a customer service agent because the customer service agent is the chatbot!

Chatbots are a utilization of artificial intelligence to track and interact with consumers in order to increase sales and revenue with small businesses. Chatbots are used by almost every major player in the business such as Amazon, Facebook and basically every other major retailer you can think of. This is why it is time for small business owners to get on the bandwagon and utilize chatbot technology! Chatbots use artificial intelligence and can do way more than reply automated responses to facebook messages.

How can Chatbots Revolutionize the Consumer Experience?

Chatbots can offer faster, better customer service as well as increase sales and offer a cheaper avenue for customer service needs. Chatbots are able to meet the customer where they are whether they are cruising facebook on a sunday afternoon or burning the midnight oil on a Tuesday. Chatbots are also a less expensive way to have customer service available 24/7. If you hire employees to do customer service you have to pay them, offer health insurance and give them sick days and time off. With chatbots, none of that has to be worried about. People today prefer the online avenue to shopping over going into small stores. So the best way to get them through the door is to revolutionize the customer experience. Many makeup and hair stores utilize cell phone apps to help women try on makeup or hairstyles before actually buying the products. It is the first step before they actually order or come into the store to purchase.

How Can Chatbots Revolutionize the Marketing for Small Business?

Marketing used to just consist of hanging a couple posters around town and putting an ad in the newspaper. However, this day in age, that has all changed. Marketing is now done via the internet. Have something for sale? Post it on Facebook. Starting a new business? Do you have a website? All marketing is done via the internet. Chatbots can revolutionize this because chatbot artificial intelligence is able to track what consumers are viewing and offer products based on interests. One major platform of this is facebook. Chatbot artificial intelligence can track what a consumer views on the internet and offer ads on facebook for related things. Small businesses need to invest into getting their adds posted on facebook and other social media platforms. Chatbots are so successful in marketing because they meet the consumer in a natural, neutral and comfortable zone. Chatbots are able to get into consumers home via the internet! Chat bots can also revolutionize the way that the owner of small businesses tracks expenses and revenue. Chatbots can automatically track and upload information such as money spent on advertising, how much revenue is being produced by certain marketing tactics and so on. This gives the small business owner the ability to utilize this information to make better informed decisions to help reduce the amount of unnecessary or useless spending.

Along with being great to use for marketing and advertising purposes, chatbots are great for customer service as well. Such as reminders for businesses that require visits like doctors offices. As well as payment reminders or receipts! They are also great as assistants to help by scheduling meetings, recording thoughts or lists or organizing events. They are also great to ease consumers daily tasks such as ordering food. This can easily be done via an auto chat bot on an app or ordering with Alexa or Google Assistant. All these things can be handled by a chat bot.

In the end, chatbots are the newest and most successful way for small businesses to get the word out about their businesses and market their products. If you are a small business owner and are not utilizing chatbots then you are missing out on some very important revenue! If you are a small business owner you need to invest in Auto chat bot technology now!

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