How To Store Coffee Beans Properly

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It is really important to store coffee beans properly to maintain their freshness and tastiest for longer.

Keep Them Airtight And Cool

When coffee beans are exposed to air, flavors in the beans get burn and they get stale. Getting in contact with heat and light, oil in the coffee beans get defected which destroys the flavor of coffee and they start getting stale. Therefore, Air, moisture, heat, and light can be the greatest enemies of your beans. Coffee is perishable and all these factors can negatively affect the aroma and flavor of beans.

Coffee should not be stored near fragrant items, like fish, onion, as it absorbs their flavor and taste of the coffee will get destroyed.

Put them in an opaque, airtight container at room temperature, to keep them fresh and roasted flavored.  Avoid putting them in hot spots (like next to the oven, or in the exposure of sunlight or any cooking utensil).

Keep your beans in dark and cool place. Avoid freezing them or putting in freezers, as they are moist which can compromise the taste of your coffee. The retail packaging of coffee beans if not optimal for preserving or storing them longer. Avoid using clear canisters through which light or heat can change the taste of beans, put them in canisters with an airtight seal.

Buying The Right Amount

Coffee beans start losing its freshness as soon as it gets roast. The freshness of coffee beans depends on the coffee you select i.e. ground coffee can be consumed within one or two weeks and whole beans are best within one month of roasting.

If you have time or equipment so you can grind your coffee beans at own. You can store coffee beans in an airtight container and take off the exact amount you needed.

Try to purchase a smaller amount of freshly roasted beans, for a week rather than stocking it.

Exposure to air is not good for coffee beans as coffee beans begin to lose freshness immediately after getting roast.

If you buy your coffee in bulk then we need to store it. Divide your coffee supply by putting a small amount of coffee into smaller or any attractive containers for daily use and putting a bulk of coffee into containers or airtight containers. Storing coffee this way will reduce air exposure for the bulk of the coffee and coffee stay fresh and tastiest for long.

For the definitive fresh or delicious coffee you can get green coffee beans. Green coffee is much longer than roasted coffee beans. You can store green coffee beans for over a year. It remains fresh and maintains its taste for a year. You can store them in a valve-sealed bag or in an airtight container and grind as needed.

 To keep your beans fresh and flavored as long as possible store coffee at room temperature in vacuum sealed airtight, opaque or dark container at room temperature but avoid clear canisters which allow light pass through them. Avoid them from heat, light, steam, sunlight, moisture, and freezing.


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