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How to start your own craft brewery?

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Even if the craft brewery market feels saturated with several companies already existing, it’s always possible to start a new business and make it profitable. At the beginning find the window where your product can be marketed well and take advantage of low competition areas. Create a clear vision of providing something different from the competitor, this plays a vital role in saving your first year of business. There is still space available for new business and the right mindset can help you win. Start focusing on branding your craft beer!

Steps of starting your craft beer company.

  • Know your level

Some people get into craft beer as a side interest. They already own several profitable businesses and are willing to invest their money in new projects. In this case, the investor might place some amount of money that will not hurt him/her losing it. There are people who spend thousands of dollars just to research if the industry will work for them or not.

If you don’t have a lot of money and don’t want to take any risk then you should ask yourself many questions before owning a craft brewery company. The first question for you is to know if you like beer or other drinking products. If you want to sell something to others then you should admire the product. You can’t make sales of those goods which you don’t use personally. If this is the first business you want to make a living out of it, you need to give your full attention and should be willing to work more than anyone.


  • Learn and hire right team

According to Melvin Brewing “, One of the easy ways to become successful in the craft brewing business is to network with other craft beer owners”. Before you start your own company, give a week period to visit different beer companies. See how they are operating, their monthly expenditure, their machines for production, packaging, and marketing. Find as much possible information as you can. 

See other business owners as friends, not competitors. Every company needs support in its business year. So, this connection will help you fight together with big beer companies.

The next step is to hire the right team. That includes lawyers for your business registration, marketers, accountant, production, and delivery staff. Those people who work for you should feel this brewing company as their own. Working for money sometimes creates a loss for business owners. So, find the right person who enjoys craft beer and is willing to perform their best at work.


  • Have a business mindset

When you’re in business you have to set up a different mindset than staff/ family. Give an hour or two every day to learn about the brewing industry. When you gain more knowledge and experience than your competitor, it can help you to stand out as an expert. And as you know specialists always have 6-7 figure thriving businesses.

Always focus on the quality of your product. That is one of the reasons you will have returning buyers. Our last tip for you is to find the right distributor for your craft beer. 

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