How To Get Fabulous Roof Shingles On A Tight Budget

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You need to go with the roofing experts when shopping for a fabulous shingles roof. If you do proper research, work hard to get the best price and insist on a quality job, you will be successful in getting a new shingles roof at a great price. During your search look for a roofing company with many years’ experience installing and repairing roof shingles. There are no substitutes for experience. The latter should be prevalent at all levels of the roofing company. Your first contact may be administrative staff at the roofing company. Do not be shy to engage staff and inquire about experience and customer satisfaction. Whether you place a call or visit the roofing company, ask the office staff how many they have been on the job. In excess of 5 years is a good sign. Do the same with salespeople, project managers, materials purchasers, and installers. It is recommended that you speak with the owner and inquire about the company’s history, warranties beyond that offered by shingle manufacturers and the installing team that will be assigned to your job. This may seem a bit aggressive but a new shingle roof is off of the largest investment on your home. You must ensure that you get the best company. Failure to do so may not only be losing money on a poor job, but your home can suffer further damage. A poorly installed shingle roof can lead to structural damage to your home. If rainwater infiltrates your roof due to a poor shingle job, your ceiling can be ruined with moisture. Moisture can spread down walls and destroy walls and household items. It would be sad to pay large sums for a roofing job and then have to install a tarp over it. Avoid this tragedy by getting the right roofing company to install a strong shingle roof. Such a company will also stand by its written warranty.

Ask the roofing company if it is GAF Master Elite for residential projects. GAF is a leading manufacturer of shingles. It maintains a high level of performance before a roofing company is certified. Its rigorous certification process ensures that only the best contractors earn its endorsement. As a homeowner, you can buy with confidence. You can also benefit from discounts and warranties that are only available if you contract with a GAF Master Elite contractor. For example, the Golden Pledge Ltd warranty entitles residential customers to an independent GAF inspection once your new roof is completed. Visit the GAF website to verify if your roofing company is certified ( Contact information can also be found at this website so you can set an appointment for the independent inspection at no cost.

Shingles roof offer major benefits to the homeowner. It is often cheaper than other types of roofing systems. For example, metal sheet roofing and roof tiles can cost several times more. These two types of roofing require more expensive materials, engineering, and labor to design and install. Often the warranty on shingle roof is as good as warranties on sheet metal and roof tiles. Shingle roofs are also easy to repair. Damaged shingles are easy to match, remove and replace. There is no cost if the roof is under warranty if it is not under warranty you can hire the same company that installed the original shingle roof. Shingles are universally available from neighborhood stores. This makes minor and major repair jobs speedy and easy.

Shingles is a popular roofing material with proven performance throughout the USA and world. Its widespread use and availability make it a popular choice among homeowners and roofing contractors. The popularity of shingle roofs is also attributable to its wide range of colors, texture and energy efficiency. Homeowners can select the style, texture, and color that match their outdoor house colors, landscape, geographic location, and personal tastes. The thickness of shingles, cost of materials and warranty determine the final cost of the new shingle roof. Homeowners can select shingles based on personal preference and budget. Leading contractors are authorized sellers from major shingle manufacturers. This practice increases the homeowners’ choices of shingle textures, colors, and styles. Leading manufacturers include GAF, CertainTeed and Tamco. Their chances improve to benefit from promotions also increases. This can result in significant savings. For example, some manufacturers offer discounts to military personnel. Other manufacturers may offer seasonal discounts. Homeowners should always inquire about these discounts and incentives in order to get the best deal.

Technology allows homeowners to simulate types of shingles on their roof. Computer software has been developed by shingle manufacturers that can simulate the final roof on a computer screen. The homeowner can preview a wide variety of shingle applications before making a final selection. This increases the likelihood of a homeowner being happy with the shingle roof after it is actually installed. Most roofing contractors offer a free consultation and estimate. It behooves a homeowner to get at least three quotes. Let the contractors know that you are doing just that so they will submit their best price and warranty in writing. Homeowners should take the time to read blogs on roofing contractors’ websites. Also, pay attention to testimonials written by former customers. Ask each contractor for at least 5 references. Take the time to call each customer and speak at length about whether the contractor complied with all clauses of the contract. Inquire about each stage of the roofing job. Was the office staff patient, courteous and helpful? Was the project manager accessible and helpful? Was there any collateral damage to your property while the roofing job was done? Was the permitting done accurately and in a timely manner? Was there any delay due to the roofing contractor failing to comply with city codes? Did the roofing contractor clean up after the job? The homeowner should invest his/her time in making these calls because they will get more insight into a roofing contractor’s performance. Only by meticulously researching the roofing contractor and taking advantage of all available tools will the homeowner get a fabulous shingles roof job at a great price.

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