How to find the best screen printing service near you?

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Screen printing is a distinct printing method in which ink is directly applied to be surface to be printed. Fine fabric is used as a canvas for transferring the photographic image. This fabric is called the screen. The fabric acts as a stencil where the vacant areas are blocked off while making sure the end product looks flawless. The ink is evenly spread across the screen to travel through the unclogged pores and finally made its way to the substrate. The painting process is time-consuming as a separate screen is used for each color to be printed, one color at a time. The process is repeated when one color is successfully embedded on the screen. Screen printing can also be carried out on non-porous surfaces such as ceramics and metal. The printing method is alternatively called as serigraphy.

If the question, ‘how to choose the best screen printing service around me?’ is hammering your mind, this article might be helpful to you.

What are the different types of screen printing services available in the market?

Business cards: Business cards are the key marketing tools that help boost your business. The business card should be the repository of your brand image and the screen printing experts take care of that.

Leaflet or flyers: Flyer printing is also one of the key marketing tools which update the customers about the new launches. Flyers have abundant details about the product that the customer might be interested in.

Pen drive: This falls in the category of promotional gifts that the brands give away to woo their customers. The Pen Drives that are to be distributed among the customers bear the company logo which is done by screen printing method. Sometimes, the Pen drives are personalized with the client’s name to make them feel special. The screen printing experts make sure to meet all your varied demands.

Letterhead: Every company has to have a designated letter head. The letter head is used for sending official letters and the letterhead is only created by the means of screen printing.

Roll-up banner: Roll-up banners too bear a lot of weight in marketing.  The brands use roll-up banners to welcome the customers or project display advertisements. The roll-up banners are made with the screen printing method.

Different types of screen printing require different approaches but the equal amount of concentration goes into making all of them. It is, hence an imperative to scrutinize the integrity of the service providers before choosing them. Here under are a few ways you can comprehend that he screen printing service is worth your consideration:


Fabric: It is very essential to make sure that the screen printing service providers are using quality fabric so that the end product doesn’t look blotchy. The high-end materials such as silk, polyester, cotton or organza should be used for the purpose of screen printing.


Paper: Screen printing industry also uses paper in an extensive manner. To make posters, banners or flyers, papers are used. To embed graphics seamlessly in a flyer, the paper’s quality has to be up to the mark also.


Screen printing services don’t limit themselves in leaflet or flyers as they also print graphics in tee shirts. Tee shirts also serve as a great gifting option and marketing tool for the brands. The basic requirement of a trusted screen printing services is the state-of-the-art machine. You will have to be doubly sure that the service providers have the best machines to avoid any glitches in the end product. The finest machines bring out the best results which is a proven fact. 


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