How To Find An E2 Visa Lawyer Online?

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What Is An E2 Visa And Why Do You Need One?

The E2 visa is a type of visa granted and managed by the United States Government. Formally known as the “E-2 Investor Visa”, the document works as an authorization to enter and work inside the United States if there is an investment that the individual will be controlling while in the country. The visa is available for three months to five years, depending on the recipient’s country of origin. Depending on each case, it can be extended indefinitely.

The visa is available only for citizens from certain countries and the investment must be substantial. For instance, for new startups, the investment must be sufficient to start and operate the business. The exact amount of the investment varies, depending on the type of business. To determine if the investment is large enough, the USCIS uses an “inverted sliding scale” to determine the amount needed.

Finding An E2 Visa Lawyer Online

Applicants are advised to use legal services in order to obtain the E2 visa. There are specialized E2 Visa Lawyers which can help you get the E2 visa and advise you on how to get it in the quickest time possible.

Unfortunately, many applications will be denied, even if legal counsel is provided. Here are some aspects to pay attention to in order to get the E2 visa:

Is The Lawyer Specialized In This Niche?

Most lawyers work in multiple legal niches, and these lawyers may even aid in the application of an E2 visa as a side job. On the other hand, some lawyers focus exclusively on E2 visa application procedures and have extensive experience on this topic. You should only work with a lawyer who has extensive knowledge about the topic and files E2 visa applications on a regular basis. You can do this by asking for referrals or asking the lawyer how many E2 visa applications they do every week or month.

Also, ask your lawyer whether they have had any E2 visa applications denied during the last few months. Also, consider how many cases the firm has had denied. This is an important aspect when choosing an E2 visa lawyer.

Checking Your Lawyer’s History

Not all lawyers are the same and that’s true for E2 visa lawyers as well. Here are some questions that will help you determine whether the firm is prepared to handle your E2 visa renewal:

  • Check how highly regarded the law schools that the lawyers working at the firm graduated from are – there are certain law schools in the country which are very good; make sure at least some lawyers graduated from some of these top schools;
  • Where has your lawyer worked before starting his or her own practice? – Some lawyers don’t have the right experience and didn’t have the opportunity to work at top firms; consequently, they don’t have the experience required to handle a formal E2 visa application successfully;
  • Check if your lawyer has a clean disciplinary record in the states where they are licensed to practice law – this is a big concern, as many lawyers will not be upfront with any disciplinary issues; always ask, just to make sure;

Is Your Lawyer A Member Of Aila?

The American Immigration Lawyers’ Association (abbreviated as AILA) is the controlling body and professional association that most immigration lawyers join. Always hire a lawyer who is a member of this organization. You can check if your lawyer is a member here.

How Many Lawyers Will Work On Your E2 Visa Application?

Small firms will only place one lawyer on your case. While in some cases, this may be enough, in more complex cases, where the investment and the risks are large, you will need a team of lawyers to prepare the E2 Visa Renewal. What’s more, if the lawyer is unwell, you will need someone who is able to replace him or her during this time.

Does The Law Firm Have Experience With Similar Applicants?

The application varies a lot depending on the applicants’ country of origin. The application and the exact procedures will vary depending on the local consulate or embassy from the country of your residence. For instance, the U. S. State Department Reciprocity Table guides consular officers to issue visas depending on the nationality of the applicant.

The Business Plan – Can Your Lawyer Prepare A Business Plan?

The E2 visa is a business visa, designed for investors, so preparing a business plan is critical for its success. You’ll have to create a complete business plan in order to meet the regulations of federal government agencies. A business plan is the perfect opportunity to explain your idea, what it can bring to the economy and how you expect to grow it in the future. It also helps you in future E2 visa applications. One of the most common reasons for E2 visa denial is the failure to use an experienced lawyer who can help you create a detailed business plan which meets the requirements of U. S. law and regulations.

Accessibility To The Documentation

Your lawyer should guarantee you easy access 24/7 to your documentation, business papers, important drafts and documents and other important parts of your business plan. Sharing documents is vital in the modern digital world and your lawyer should give you full access to the digital versions of the files. This helps you a lot especially if you reside in different timezone and have no direct access to the physical files.


References are very important whenever you are looking for special legal services. Although finding similar E2 visa applicants like yourself who may refer you to a good lawyer can be hard, try to ask around and see whether someone knows a good lawyer. References work in the other direction as well. A good law firm can guide you to a good lawyer specialized in E2 Visa Renewal. It can refer you to other clients from your country or in a similar business as yours.

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