How to Choose Best Fit Truck Lift Kit

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Truck Lift Kit.

A truck is a man’s first baby. Trucks are already big vehicles, towering over all the other cars. Although, no American truck owner wants to lower their truck. Lifting that baby is the way to go. Giant trucks are an American tradition. Being the monster on the highway is always a powerful feeling. The roar of the exhaust. The cool wind in one’s hair. Nothing beats that feeling. The tricky part is getting there. There are so many different lift kits. Pure Diesel Power is just one of the many companies that carry lift kits. Choosing the right truck lift kit is an important decision to make. There are many things to consider while making this choice. Suspension or Body lift? How are lift kits installed? Is the truck in question the right truck? Will this be regretted? Only once a person answers all these questions, will they be ready to choose their lift kit. 

Suspension lift or Body lift?

First things first, what is the difference between a suspension lift and a body lift?

  • Suspension Lift: This kit raises the height of the suspension, obviously. A suspension lift requires a full replacement of the stock suspension. This means the person lifting the suspension needs new coil springs, spring spacers, and a torsion bar key. With these types of lifts the vehicle gains floor clearance which makes them more ideal for off-road purposes. This lift kit allows the driver to have options for bigger tires.

  • Body Lift: This kit raises the body from the vehicle chassis. Adding spacers to the original body mounts will get this job done. Like it says in its name, this kit only raises the body of the truck or jeep. Unlike the suspension lift kit, there will not be any floor clearances gained with this lift. This is more of a kit for looks rather than performance.

Pros & Cons of Suspension Lift Kits.


  • Improve driving tough off-road rocks.

  • Floor clearance is raised.

  • No visible gap between the body and the chassis. This makes it look better.

  • More clearance around the tires means more turning radius.

  • Strong frame allowing the life-span for this lift kit to last a long time, even with tough off-roading.


  • This kit can affect the handling of the truck. You get rid of the stock suspension, so stock handling changes.

  • Cost much more than body kits.

  • Wheel alignment is needed when doing a suspension lift.

  • Installation could take much longer due to the fact it is much more complicated than a body lift.

  • This lift kit causes the center gravity to be risen. This can also raise the risk of flipping.

  • Much more maintenance is called for. You want to adjust or replace almost everything dealing with the suspension, axles, tires and joints.

  • Pros & Cons of Body Lift Kits


  • Raising the height will allow a person to get bigger tires. This makes it look real nice.

  • Since the stock suspension isn’t replaced, a wheel alignment is not needed.

  • Body lifts are not performance kits. This means although your truck will look taller, it won’t necessarily change the handling of the truck.

  • It is a much more affordable way to raise a truck.

  • It isn’t too difficult to install.


  • Adding bigger tires can affect turning. The wheel area doesn’t have much room, so tires tend to scrape. 

  • These kits are not designed for off-roading. The break much easier when riding over giant rocks.

  • There is a visible gap between the body and the chassis. This can be an unappealing look that is disliked by many.

  • This kit will add strain on multiple other vehicle parts. This could lead to breakage, and repair bills. 

  • This kit will never improve the performance of a truck or jeep.

  • Although it is the more affordable, this kit may require other modifications. For example, due to spacers a person might need to relocate transmission and radiator to keep them in the best position for cooling.

Final Decisions.

After becoming aware of the information above, and checking out the lift kits over at Pure Diesel Power. A person is left with only two more questions. Is their truck right for this modification? Will they regret this decision?


Well as for the first question, it all depends on the condition that the truck is in. If the truck is old and beat down, maybe a lift kit is the last modification that is needed. It is smart to make sure the truck performs properly before adding any flashy mods. As for the last question, that is an answer only the owner of the truck could answer.

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