How To Buy A Decorative Wall Mirrors That Suits Your Home’s Interior

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A change in home appliances can make a profound difference in a room’s decor and appeal. Whether it’s adding a rug to a room or a striking mirror to one’s bathroom, small details can really tie a room together and enhance its overall aesthetic. For living rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms, mirrors are an eye-catching piece of furniture that can really make a room stand out.

In this article, we will focus on decorative wall mirrors and how homeowners can choose the best mirror that suits their home’s interior decor. Though most people think that buying pieces of furniture like mirrors is easy; there are actually effective techniques and methods of choosing the perfect large decorative mirrors for your home. Homeowners who are interested in these steps should continue reading because this article will go into detail about these methods.

Decorative mirrors are different from conventional mirrors; they’re not meant to be posed in or be used as a reflective piece. Instead, they’re a decorative piece of furniture; usually, they either have a solid glass foundation, a decorative border or it’s a surrealist piece of art which is mostly composed of glass. Decorative mirrors come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes that are suitable for any room or taste.

But since decorative mirrors come in a variety of shapes and sizes, they have to fit perfectly within the room and all of the elements and pieces of furniture that have been implemented into the room. Like any other piece of furniture, it has to complement the room; one must follow the rules of interior decor and design so that the mirror doesn’t stand awkwardly in the room. The following list will highlight some techniques and methods homeowners have used when purchasing decorative mirrors.


Sizing is very important when choosing a decorative mirror; as mentioned above, the mirror has to fit perfectly onto the wall so that it stands cohesively on the wall and with the rest of the room. Before even starting a decorative mirror shopping hunt, the homeowner should know where the mirror will hang so it can be measured.

Once the proportions of the mirrors have been found, mirror sizes should be narrowed down to a select few sizes that either complements the wall and any other pieces that will hang on the wall or stands out by itself. Now, there are some key tips decorators use for decorative wall mirrors, especially if they going to be hung in a living room but more specifically when they’re placed above seating furniture.

Let say the article of furniture in question is a sofa or couch; the mirror’s length should be as long as the couch itself, this will make the room seem bigger and more profound. Another technique that’s frequently used is choosing a slightly smaller mirror in proportion to the couch,  this will catch the attention of guests without taking it away from the couch itself.

There’s also a rule of thumb in wall decor that one must follow in order to retain the room’s comfortable feel; one must leave at least a one-foot gap between the roof and the decorative piece. Paintings and decorations must be at eye-level so as not to look awkward, but when the room has a low ceiling, one must follow this one-foot gap rule so that the room is pleasing to the eye.

Try A Variety Of Shapes

Small or large decorative mirrors come in a variety of shapes. Whether they’d be circles, squares, rectangles, ovals, or something out of a young child’s drawing, the combinations that can be implemented onto an empty wall are limitless. There are minimalist or surreal mirrors on the market, and with the right eye for creative and decor, anything can look good and cohesive in a living room.

One thing that’s often recommended by interior decorators is to hang a large mirror on small wall space. This adds a profound effect on the room and the wall. Now, if additional wall decorations are going to be added on the wall, it’s best to go with a small mirror that’s in proportion to the other pieces of art.

Simple flat walls are perfect for large rectangular decorative wall mirrors. Doing this will give the wall a classic look that will complement the room and it’s surrounding furniture pieces. Wall to wall mirrors is a choice many homeowners go with because of its simplicity and the effect it has on the room. These mirrors take up the entire wall of the room, but some decorators go a little further in balancing the focal points of the room by adding another decorative mirror piece on top of the wall to wall mirror.

What The Homeowner Likes

This is the most obvious aspect of this article, but it’s the most important one. When it’s all said and done, the homeowner has to buy what he or she likes. A homeowner should stick to their gut instincts when shopping for large decorative mirrors and be comfortable with the purchase.

Wall decorations should reflect who you are and what you want your home to look like. Their taste in decor should be a guiding influence which leads them to furniture that they want in their living space.

In Conclusion

Decorative wall mirrors are an item that should be considered by all homeowners because they not only tie a room together but they add an interesting element to the room which is very eye-catching to them or visiting guests. Like most things that involve interior decorations, there are some steps that have to be taken in order for the room to come together cohesively.

Wall mirror decorations have to be in proportion with the objects or pieces of furniture that it stands in front of; this creatives cohesiveness within the room. By not following the basic rules of interior decor, a homeowner risks having awkward elements in the room. But if a homeowner follows the techniques and advice mentioned above, they will see a living space that’s comfortable and inviting to reside in.   

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