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Foundation cracks can be as dangerous as sealing on the walls inside your house. Cracks can develop anytime at your home. They don’t need to develop only in old buildings; cracks can be visible in recently constructed buildings as well.

The worst of them all are foundation cracks. Such cracks are less noticeable and highly affect the house. This is why it is necessary to be extra cautious of the foundation of your house, so as to prevent unnecessary damage and high cost of maintenance.

So, let us understand the problem of a foundation crack in detail.

What are foundation cracks? 

When the cracks appear on walls due to water pressure outside walls, they develop cracks in the buildings. While not all cracks are dangerous, few may be alarming, as well. Yet other cracks are not at all repairable. 

In such a scenario, foundation crack repair service providers must be called immediately without wasting any time. Foundation cracks are of two kinds— vertical cracks as well as horizontal cracks. Vertical cracks are generally not very dangerous. However, horizontal cracks can certainly take a toll on you and your family. Let us further know more about them.

Vertical and Horizontal cracks

Vertical cracks are often visible on the walls of your house. These are basically the cracks that run straight North and South or can sometimes be a little slanting up to 30 degrees. Such cracks are generally not very risky. Horizontal cracks, on the other hand, can prove life-threatening. Cracks that run on both sides (left to right or vice-versa) are termed as horizontal cracks. 

Horizontal cracks are likely to develop in the areas that have a cold climate. Frost can cause horizontal cracks on the walls. Other than this, vehicle loading can also lead to building up of such dangerous cracks due to tension or stress built on the walls. You need to be cautious enough in such cases, particularly when you live in an extremely cold zone of the globe. 

Are horizontal cracks dangerous? 

The answer is yes! Horizontal cracks can prove very dangerous for your house. Factors behind these cracks can either be the pressure of soil from the foundation’s exterior or that of the water. 

Even natural calamities like excessive flood are likely to cause horizontal cracks in your building. Such horizontal cracks must be repaired as soon as possible. Sometimes a delay in repair can lead to the cracks not being repaired at all. 

How to deal with foundation crack?

When there is a change in direction of cracks or when the walls are sagging due to heavy pressure of water, the damage done by the cracks turns irreversible. If you notice such changes on the walls of your building, it is advisable to call up a reliable agency that takes care of foundation crack repair. 

They have certain tools and kits to save walls or hanging doors of your house and prevent you from any risk before it is too late. But if you take these cracks lightly, especially the horizontal cracks, you are for sure to bell the cat. It can harm your entire house as foundation is the root which holds it all together.

You need to be cautious enough of your house for the safety and well being of your entire family. Thus, keep regularly checking if the walls have developed any crack, and if they do, inform foundation crack repair service centers. They can check if you are out of risk or danger. After all, precaution is better than cure, isn’t it? Especially when it comes to the roof under which you live in with your entire clan! 

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