Guide To Select The Commercial Dumpster For Your Need

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Getting the Perfect Commercial Dumpster


Finding the perfect commercial dumpster that works for you can be difficult. Often you have to think about what size commercial dumpster is the right one to pick, whether you’re using it for a house demolition or a simple kitchen remodel. You’ll also want to understand what you can and can’t use these commercial dumpsters beforehand as well. Follow all of these steps to find the perfect commercial dumpster for you.

Acceptable & Unacceptable for Commercial Dumpsters

Before you pick up your commercial dumpster, you’ll be given a list of what is acceptable and unacceptable to throw away. The list of materials that are allowed to be dumped can differ based on your area but this list used by Bargain Dumpster is a good place to start from. While many of the materials commonly used in house materials such as fiberglass matting, glass wire, and insulation material are all able to be thrown away, you have some materials that can be common that you need to make sure get disposed of elsewhere. Unacceptable materials include liquids, tires, any household garbage whether it be food or else, and any material containing asbestos. Make sure you fully understand the list of materials that can be thrown away before picking up your commercial dumpster.

Perfect Sizing

Commercial dumpster companies often offer different sizing so you’ll have options depending on how large your situation is. For example, Bargain Dumpster offers a few different sizes of commercial dumpsters such as a 2 yard commercial dumpster that they say approximately holds 12 large trash bags, 4, 6, and finally 8-yard commercial dumpster that can fit up to 48 large trash bags. Whether you’re looking for a small event and just need a 2 yard commercial dumpster or are using this for a large project like a store or office building so you need an 8-yard commercial dumpster, you’ll be able to find the perfect size for you.

Rental Agreement and Services

Many different commercial dumpsters companies are around, but you don’t want to just randomly pick one so you get ripped off. A good idea before paying the money for your commercial dumpster is to get an agreement in writing and completely read it before you sign off. Some companies hide charges such as how much they charge for dumping trash in a landfill. It’s also a good idea to pick a company like Bargain Dumpster that will quote in together how much it is to have the dumpster dropped off and picked up. By following up and getting the real quotes, you’ll have a much more enjoyable time rather than being blindsided.

Other Dumpsters

Commercial dumpsters are commonly the dumpsters you see and that are needed for most large situations, but companies like Bargain Dumpster offer different types of dumpsters as well. Residential dumpsters, for example, might be better if you’re in the neighborhood and are just doing house improvement with the unique roll-off style that makes it easy to constantly keep dumping waste inside. The residential dumpsters range all the way from a 10-yard residential dumpster to a 40-yard residential dumpster.


Make sure you’ve looked through all of your options and followed these steps before renting or purchasing a commercial dumpster. While you might only be having one of these dumpsters temporarily, choosing a company that will rip you off could cost you hundreds or even thousands more than the competitors. By following all of these steps, you’ll have gotten the perfect dumpster for you to use in any type of situation

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