Different Types of Well Systems That Serve Residential Homes

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Well Systems and Residential Homes

Types of Wells

There are three types of well that are used for residential homes. The types of wells are dug/bored wells, driven wells, and drilled wells. Dug/bored wells are dug by hand or backhoes and are lined with something so it would not collapse. They are also wide in diameter but shallow. Driven wells are done by driving a pipe in the ground. These wells are also cased and not very deep. They draw water from aquifers that are close to the surface. Drilled wells are done by a percussion or rotary drilled machine. These wells require a casing to be installed. these wells are also thousands of feet deep. Drilled wells also does not get contaminated easily because of their depths. 

Parts of the Well:
When putting in a well, you have to decide what type of wells you want. You also need to know what parts are also needed for your well. The first thing you need is a well casting. A well casting is used to help keep your well from caving in. These can be made of carbon steel, plastic, and stainless steel. Well caps are placed at the top of your well. These are put there to keep things from getting in your well. These are usually made of aluminum or plastic and contains a vent to help with pressure. Well screens are at the bottom of the casing to help keep dirt from getting into the well. These are normally continuous slot, slotted pipe, and perforated pipe. Then you have pitless adaptor is used to carry water up to the surface. This also helps provides a sanitary and frost proof seal. Jet pumps are also used but only in shallow well, while submersible pumps are used in deep wells.

Service systems for your well:
There are several service systems and people to service your well. Well systems plumbing service is something that needs to be done on every well. There are so many things that can go wrong with your well. The main thing that can go wrong is your pump could go out and your would have to replace it. Part of your well systems plumbing service would be to test your well water to make sure it is still good water. You do not want your well contaminated and if you do not test your well every year then that could happen. You need to have someone you trust to perform the well systems plumbing service so you know that it was done correctly. Your well is like anything else in your house and you have to have it serviced and taken care of in order for it to last.

Wells and why people want them:
Wells give people fresh water that does not go through the plants to purified it. Well water does not have some of the chemicals that you get through other water. People like well water because of how clear it is and the taste of it. The water taste different when it comes out of a well then when it comes from the city. Wells do cost a lot to have them put in but at the same time they do save you money because then you do not have water bill. When you look at the benefits that a well can give you then you see that it would be better if you had a well. Well water always comes out cold and clear. When you build a well there is a lot of work that goes into it but it is well worth it.

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