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Court Room Videography: What Is It & How Can It Help Your Case?

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So, you’re in court for whatever reason. It doesn’t matter if you did it or not, you’re entitled to a fair trial; this gives you the right to defend yourself using whatever means are granted to you by the law. You should use these rights granted to you by the law to their full extent. Defend those rights and swing the court ruling in your favor.

One of the many services that are available for courtroom proceedings is legal videographers. They can really make a profound difference in gathering and providing evidence during your trial. If you have an upcoming trial that has you a little shaken, you should turn towards court videography services as another door towards a not-guilty verdict. The following are some benefits that you should be aware of.

But first…

What Is A Court Videographer?

If you’ve ever watched a really hot and intense legal trial on tv. Consider the trials of Casey Anthony or O.J. Simpson, you saw the whole thing go down in the courtroom, you can thank a legal videographer. They’re another tool used to gather evidence. The footage can also be used by the news media in the place of journalists who jot down notes and try to explain what happened the best they can in their article.

You can hire these professionals through their own practice. They have their own video deposition equipment and are trained to get the right shot. During your trial, they’ll stand in their respective corners and film the entire proceeding.

Capturing Reactions

For some reason, terrible people tend to be the best liars and excellent actors, which can make it very hard for the prosecution and jury to distinguish the truth from lie. A legal videographer can zero-in onto a person’s face when asked a very incriminating question. This is a good way to capture the person’s facial expressions, which can determine if the answer was sincere or not.

According to a model created by psychology Professor Albert Mehrabian from the University of California, 93% of communication is non-verbal. To go a little further into these findings, 55% of communication emanates from body language, and 38% emanates from vocal tones. So, experts know how to call a bluff, and more specifically, your bluff. They’re watching.

Humanizing People

Justice is about clarity. The jury has to be crystal clear about what is happening during the case and proceedings if they want to justly convict or acquit a person standing trial. What better way of doing this than using the services of a court videography team. The jury will see you and the victims far clearer through recorded sessions and perhaps see things they wouldn’t normally see sitting in the jury box.

This is very important because if all of the evidence points towards someone, they’re usually guilty. But sometimes this is not so.

Seeing things twice can give the jury a different perspective on the evidence’s correlation with the defendant, or the people affected by whatever crime was committed. By seeing things through a different scope, people can see things they normally wouldn’t see sitting in the jury box. If it’s all a coincidence gone wrong, the use of video disposition equipment in the courtroom can be the difference between a guilty or non-guilty verdict.

Time Efficiency

Having a legal videographer saves your attorney time when reviewing the court’s proceedings. Back in the day, lawyers had to go through various pages of transcripts to find a flaw or statement that can turn their case around. With video recordings of the court proceedings, your lawyer can simply press the fast forward or the reverse button and obtain a specific statement made by the witness or a defendant taking the stand.

Archived Questions and Answers

This is where court videography services come in handy. A video recording is essentially an archive of questions and answers which the prosecution or defense can comb through at a later date.

Let’s say for whatever reason, the defendant is acquited of his charges and is allowed to go home but years later more evidence is discovered, you, as the prosecution, can pick up from you left off. This can present a great advantage to you and your case because you can counter any statements the defendant stated in the past or any other statements they present in the newest trial.

They’re Convenient

Hiring legal videographers can also benefit you in the most inconvenient times. Let’s say you’ve suffered injuries from a car accident or from neglect which makes it impossible to present yourself in court, a legal videographer will record your testimony and present it to the courts. This not only saves the court’s time, but it gives you the opportunity to present your testimony, saving you time, in many instances, as trails may have to be rescheduled due to absent witnesses or injury.

Another instance in which video disposition equipment comes in handy during court proceedings is the film of evidence that’ll be presented to the courts. Sometimes photographs are not enough and a videographer comes in to record the damage or the incriminating evidence that’ll be presented to the courts and jury.

In the United States, you’re innocent until proven guilty; this ideology gives people the right to defend themselves and their freedom in a legal setting. Hiring the services of a legal videographer is the best way to protect your rights and prove your innocence in the court of law. Written testimony is somewhat ineffective at times, but video, on the other hand, is far effective at documenting responses to questions asked during cross-examination, facial expression, and evidence that can’t be dragged into the courtroom.

This service should be considered by anyone who is going to trial because it can make the difference between going home or going to prison, but must of all, it’s meant to protect the rights of people who are on trial or those who have been affected by crime. Every avenue should be used to get the upper hand in these instances.

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