Choosing The Best Contractor: Experience vs. Cost

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South Florida is growing to a hub of industrial commerce and business, and Miami happens to be the jewel in the crown. Businesses are sprouting up all over the city and some of the biggest corporations are looking to establish headquarters in South Florida’s most notable city. To cement yourself as a business in South Florida, you need a space of your own. As a result, a number of businesses are looking for contractors to help formulate a plan.

You cannot construct a building without acquiring a design-build contractor. There are lots of contractors in Miami all vying for your attention and service. As a result, it can be hard to choose. The options are truly endless. To help make an informed decision, some clients set up parameters and these definitions differ for each entity. A tight budget might allude to the right company, while the difficulty in design might require significant expertise.

Experience vs. Cost happens to be an age-old argument for any kind of service. Customers are either looking for the best deal or individuals who have amassed a great length of experience; it’s hard to find a company with both factors, so, some clients opt to choose for one or the other.

If you are looking to invest and or enter into Miami’s industrial market, understanding this argument will help you to make the best decision.

Delving deeper, let’s dissect the argument. First off, let’s look into the part of the argument concerning costs.


Before you even consider constructing a new space for your business, you need to understand it’s expensive. You must truly be ready to make the financial investment. Not only is construction expensive, but so is upkeep. Your company must be able to pay for the cost of operation without experiencing an impact on revenue.

If your company can afford the building, then you should consider the cost of construction. This is where the argument comes into play.

Due to the safety of the individuals inside, you cannot afford to cut corners in the construction process. The rule here happens to be, if you can’t spend it, don’t bother building it. You want it done right. Avoid lawsuits now, and spend the money to get the project completed professionally.

However, that’s not to say you can’t find an affordable construction firm. There are some construction firms that provide cost-effective solutions to ensure the work is done properly and within budget.

Before hiring a construction company, look around the market and compare prices. Don’t just sign with the first company you know because you might be able to get a better quote somewhere else.

Again, Miami is home to a number of construction firms, each boasting a different rate. By comparing every option available, you are making a much more informed decision.

On the other hand, don’t just choose a company for their low rates. Low rates are not a sign of quality or professional work, in fact, it’s the opposite. If you want something done well, you might need to spend a little extra.


Miami’s market for industrial spaces is rapidly growing. New buildings are rising every day. By that metric, if you don’t acquire a plot and start building soon, someone else will. You have no time to hang around, especially if you have decided to begin the process.

How will a new company be able to construct a new building with speed and efficiency without experience? It has often been said that experience is the best teacher. Therefore, you need an experienced firm.

To get a better idea of how these issues relate to each other, let’s look at an example. EastGroup Properties recently developed a new 200,000 square-foot business distribution/warehouse in Miami/Dade county.

The development costs $6.9 million. At such an exorbitant price tag, clearly, EastGroup has the money to invest. The new development is interesting artistically due to its 190-foot tilt wall and 30-foot clear ceilings. Structurally, constructing a space with these features requires a company with substantial experience. To assist, EastGroup hired Miller Construction, a local construction company. Miller Construction has developed over 400 projects in the last 40 years of service – Miller has the experience.

Combined, both companies were able to fast-track the project and initiate plans for the tilt wall to be completed and in place by the fall of this year.

You can see how important experience and cost are to the development of a new project.

Evidently, the question isn’t either or. For the best results, you need both. Enough money to fund the project, enabling your business to get the most for your money – all the amenities, features and artistic accents and a wealth of experience to actually build the project.

Converting the blueprint from the page to a fully conceptualized and physical design requires thought. Design Build Contractors shine here. It’s their job to take the project from the page to real life.

You could hire these contractors separately. As I stated previously, Miami happens to be home to a number of contractors. Nevertheless, consider the cost. You’ll be paying for a construction firm and a design build contractor. Instead, you can get both. There are some specialized construction firms that have experienced contractors working for them, including design build contractors.

Miami is a fantastic place to start a business. If your business has graduated and scaled to a point where an office space is needed, compile a list of contractors. From this list, narrow down and interview each prospect in accordance with your design and expectations. Afterward, you should have everything you need before money exchanges hands.

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