Benefits Of Living In An Active Adult Community

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No more kids running around the house. No more tripping on kids’ toys and definitely no stepping on LEGOs… There are no more soccer practices to attend and no more sick days for your children. Work is winding down or is already behind you and your days finally have enough hours for your passions and hobbies. The food in the fridge is all yours and your Google searches are all related to travel and adventure. It’s the best time of your life and you have all the energy in the world, and you are free to do what you want.

55+ retirement communities are very different from what they were a few decades ago. And they should not be confused with nursing homes or assisted living facilities. They are known as active adult communities pa and they are for the active adult person, who wants to enjoy life to the max. They offer independent living for people who start a new chapter in their life. Perhaps your home is too large, or the kids are married and started their own families – this is the time to shine, enjoy your life and try everything that you’ve always wanted. So what are the benefits of living in an active adult community?

You experience the active life at its best

Active adult communities in Douglasville put a lot of emphasis on fitness, outdoor activities, sports, and fun activities. Most adult active communities have complete fitness centers, activity rooms, recreation rooms, and pool, but also host and organize fitness events, experiences, competitions and presentations. What’s more, there are tons of different activities you can try if you are living in an active adult community, like:

  • cooking classes
  • field day trips
  • board games
  • long-life learning classes and workshops
  • community barbecues and picnics

Active adult communities pa also provide group activities that are ideal if you want to make new friends and expand your social circle. All members of the community are kept active all year long, no matter what your passions or interests are. Here are some activities that are very popular:

  • writing, art and calligraphy classes
  • religious/bible studies
  • game club, games, bingo
  • charity work and social service projects
  • coffee groups
  • on-site library and discussion groups
  • family gatherings
  • movie and theater nights, concerts

Low maintenance living conditions

In most active adult communities in Douglasville, home maintenance is lower than usual. Both exterior and interior property maintenance, as well as cleaning services,  are already included in your fees. You know exactly how much you pay and the fees are steady all year round. You don’t have to deal with daily maintenance issues, repairs, and other issues that occur while owning a home. Everything is taken care of and the prices are better because the community has better deals with service providers.

The facilities are easily accessible

Because every building is designed for retirees, they are easily accessible. There are no steep alleys, no stairs, no narrow passages or hallways. Doorways and access areas are positioned ideally, so access is easy and simple. Wheelchair and walker access is simple and comfortable. This is especially important if your health situation changes over time.

Excellent on-site services

Active adult communities pa are designed for seniors who want an active lifestyle and they come with a huge variety of services on-site. You’ll get anything from beauty and hair salons to the laundry or dry cleaning services, meal preparation, restaurants, dining halls, and transportation services. They also include on-site medical services and medication administration. Community rooms, game rooms, fitness centers, and special events complete the services, so you will never get bored.

Fixed costs

Although adult active communities are not necessarily low cost, they come with multiple financial advantages. Firstly, there are adult active communities for every budget, from low-end basic services to full service, luxury communities. Secondly, while the service might come at a higher cost, you know exactly how much you are paying each month. The costs are fixed, so you know how to budget your expenses. Renting a home in a community will likely include the utilities, the maintenance fees and the services provided, as well as optional packages, depending on your choices. If you choose to buy a home in a community, you can pick a package that covers these expenses. The advantage is that the costs are fixed and won’t change every month or season.

The sense of community – like-minded neighbors

Living in your home might become uncomfortable if your neighborhood changes in time. And it will change. Neighbors come and go, homes get sold and bought by different families and the neighborhood changes constantly. Children, young couples, middle-aged couples and seniors all live together and some conflicts may occur. Uncomfortable situations may occur, and you may not feel too happy if you don’t have similar age, like-minded neighbors around. As you get older, you might want to have people with the same interests and passions as you and with the same daily routines. In an active adult community, you’ll have other mature neighbors who think like you, act like you and are at the same stage of life as you. This means new friendships, better relationships, and happier retirement.

The atmosphere – similar to a resort

People love active adult communities in Douglasville because they have a special atmosphere. Some describe it as being similar to a resort. They are designed to feel that way, they are designed with relaxation in mind, with fun activities in mind and with multiple events happening every time. They are not designed as apartment complexes or normal neighborhoods. They are created specifically to help retirees enjoy their retirement and have multiple activities to enjoy. You’ll feel like being on a vacation every single day. You’ll only have to find the right active adult community for your needs. And luckily, there are plenty of choices.

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