3 Scientific Reasons to Eat More Pizza

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Who doesn’t love pizza? While there might be a rare few who don’t qualify as a fan, it is safe to say that most people enjoy a slice or five. The good news is, now there are scientific reasons as to why you should eat pizza. Go ahead and do a quick search for “pizza around me” to find a spot or place an order through one of the delivery apps on your phone and get ready to enjoy the benefits. If you need a little extra push, consider these three science based reasons as to why you should eat more pizza?

Nutrient Rich Toppings

Pizza contains both macro and micro nutrients necessary as part of a healthy diet. The toppings you choose can make a big difference as some are nutrient rich. There already is the tomato sauce, which is known for containing antioxidants and added health benefits. Vegetables as topping will also provide different micronutrients, depending on the type chosen. Not only do the healthier toppings including antioxidants, minerals and vitamins but they are also a good source of fiber. And the bigger bang for your buck is the fact the other “less healthy” toppings, cheese and even the crust provide quality macro-nutrients including the trifecta of carbs, fat (some fat in the diet is necessary for hormone health) and protein. These base elements, such as cheese and the crust are also factors for providing fiber and helping to maintain digestive health as well as having other benefits. There is more evidence to the nutritional powerhouse at pizza planet as proof as to why you should eat more pizza. They might be biases based on the name but when it’s about pizza, best to go to those that dedicate their entire web site to the dish.

Lower Risk of Heart Disease

Let’s go back to the micro-nutrient packed element for most pizzas, the sauce, and dig a little deeper into the scientific benefits. Tomatoes, and thus the tomato sauce on a regular pizza, are known for having lycopene, which is a particular antioxidant that has been proven to have health benefits. A four year study done in Italy showcased this benefit with a finding that those who ate pizza on a regular basis (at least once a week) were less likely to suffer from heart disease. This is linked to the lycopene from the tomatoes and the fats from the cheese are used to help with absorption. In essence, the combined ingredients of tomatoes, olive oil and cheese do have proven health benefits including the chance of lowering the risk for heart disease when consumed at moderate levels.

Pizza = Happiness

Aside from the nutrient benefits found within the food, there is an added bonus in relation to our emotions. According to science, pizza can make you happy but in more ways than you might expect. May seem obvious for someone who loves to eat pizza. The taste of the crust with the gooey cheese combined with the salty tang of the sauce, that is pure happiness right there. But it turns out, eating pizza is only part of the equation. Studies actually show that just the smell of pizza can make you happy. Check out the Happy Science here. In the study conducted by Digiorno (pizza company) the mere smell of pizza equated to the highest rating of happiness. There are many pizza parlors out there that can provide happiness, like that of green lantern pizza with the options of pick your own toppings or an array of classic options like supreme, hawaiian and barbecue set up on the menu.

It’s not only the smell that creates a feeling of joy, of course. One of the reasons that pizza makes us happy and why eating it is helpful (not just enjoying the odor) is the act of consuming such a delicious treat can release endorphins. Eating pizza can lead to an increase in pleasant feelings, aka happiness. And the proof is evident beyond the science room, hence why many companies probably pick a pizza party as their reward or for a random treat to the employees. People like pizza and the feeling it creates.

There you have it. As if you needed a reason to order pizza, well now you know three science based reasons for having a slice or two. Now back to that phone or google search. Follow the recommendation of science and search for pizza around me in order to find what you need. With most cities and towns housing at least one, if not many more options, you are bound to find pizza to help give you that endorphin driven nutritional boost. No need to wait for national pizza day either, just order now and enjoy.

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