Why Your Salon Needs To Consider a New Racking System

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Hair salons have a lot on their hands regarding equipment, products, employees, customers, etc. Owning a business can sometimes feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders, especially if you run a hair salon. You have to keep things extremely clean and organized in your workspace because things can get messy quickly when working with harmful chemicals. Hair salon owners have to deal with mounds of hair, sanitizing solutions, and piles of hair products every day. It can be really easy to get lost in the motions and become unorganized.

Every business owner wants to come across as professional and cleanly, this has a lot to do with the overall brand image of your business- what image would you like your business to portray? Imagine walking into a dimly lit salon with stacks of hair dye piled sky-high just waiting to fall on employees or customers. As a client, you get the idea that the company doesn’t exactly have their ducks in order. This makes you less inclined to trust them with your body AND money.

The solution to an unorganized & unprofessional salon environment is to utilize some sort of salon color bar equipment, you can score a good deal on a storage rack in Miami. By using a hair color rack system you will create a more inviting, colorful environment for your customers to thrive. There are many organization systems available for home & work use that most salon owners modify for organizing their hair dyes. However, there are few options out there that are specifically made for organizing hair dye. Think about all the times you have wasted products or just plain couldn’t find them due to a poorly organized salon, the amount of time & products wasted is astonishing for most! With the help of quality hair salon equipment, you will save time & money while increasing the sale of products! We will discuss all the possible benefits of implementing an organization rack into your salon throughout the entirety of this article.

Do you find yourself throwing out old products that you forgot you previously opened? We all have opened something new, forgetting that we have the same thing half-used somewhere else! This is like when you go to the store planning to make pasta for dinner and you buy a couple of cans of tomato sauce not knowing that you have 8 cans of tomato sauce at the house already. This type of behavior wastes time & money and could easily be avoided in hair salons with the use of salon color bar equipment! The product designed by EZRackUSA in Miami features a quick and convenient way to store partially used hair products. The partially used dyes will be on display directly in front of the extra inventory, meaning when the color runs out there is always a backup right behind it. You will be able to focus more on your clients with the extra time you’ve saved by having an organized space!

Busting salons have heavy traffic especially come the weekends. A label maker could help you organize your hair salon equipment even further! You can easily see the name of the hair dye color rather than finding a poorly printed script on a box. You can even use the label maker to label products that you have waiting in storage. Being an organized business will result in you assisting your customers quicker, the extra work associated with searching for an item can be solved by labeling everything in the salon with a label maker. If you see a label maker on sale don’t hesitate to buy it, you can improve your business organization for a mear 20 dollars!

This may be one of the most important parts of owning an EZ rack, you do not need to waste time searching for the hair color you need!! For almost all hairdressers and most business owners for that matter, time is money, and you don’t want to waste money. Trust me. So how are you going to cut back on wasting time? You guessed it! By using salon bar equipment. Being disorganized can cause you to waste time in many different ways, no matter how organized you seem to be. Some examples of wasting time in the salon industry could be rummaging through drawers, searching for something that, not in its rightful place, or just simply asking other hairdressers to borrow their products. All of these activities could be described as “time wasters” that could cause you to lose money which can quickly add up. Luckily this can all be solved with the help of a hair dye rack.

With DIY projects flooding the internet it’s definitely tempting to try and “save money” by constructing and modifying your own equipment rather than purchasing it from a manufacturer. This seems like a very tempting suggestion, after all, if you do it yourself you might save some money. But will you be able to make it look exactly like you want? The chances are kind of slim unless you have some experience in construction. Without the skills necessary to do it yourself you aren’t likely to end up with what you imagined when you first set out to make your own organization rack. Furthermore, unless you run a carpentry business on the side, you are going to have to pay for all your materials and tools upfront. Making it less likely that you will actually save money by building the rack yourself. Next time you see salon hair equipment on sale in Miami, remember these tips I gave you on conducting DIY projects by yourself.

Hopefully, I have convinced you that owning an organization rack in your hair salon is an absolute MUST. You will experience the long-lasting benefits of organizing your business for years to come, once you set the tone for your company it is much easier to keep up with it as time goes on. Make sure your business succeeds by having the utmost concern for your employee and customer experience!

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