Why You Will Need A Miami Cruise Ship Accident Attorney

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Do you plan on taking a cruise trip in Miami anytime soon? Have you ever been in an accident while you were on a cruise ship in Miami? Whether you are a victim of an accident on a cruise ship or plan on taking one soon, you should consider investing in a Miami cruise ship accident attorney. There are 3 excellent reasons that you may want to take serious consideration of having an attorney:


  • Not understanding your rights
  • Common injuries during cruises
  • Safeguard your right to sue

You Must Know The Rights You Have While On A Cruise Ship

Many people who take cruises on ships don’t know nor understand the rights that they have while on the ship. Since cruise ships are considered common carriers, they must guarantee that all the passengers remain safe and secured from harmful situations at all times. They are required to provide you with best care during the whole cruise. If they are unsuccessful at protecting all passengers and you get injured, the cruise ship could possible be held accountable for all damages. If you, anyone who is a family member, or a close friend gets injured while on the cruise ship; then you have the right to file a claim against any of the following:

  • Any third party that may have caused the injury.
  • The company that sold you the cruise ship ticket.
  • The business that is chartering or operating the cruise ship.
  • The owner of the cruise ship.

Some Injuries Are Common On A Cruise Ship

There are many different kinds of accidents and injuries that can occur while you are on board a cruise ship. Just knowing what types of injuries that are generally known can help you be well prepared to minimize your chances of being injured or knowing what to do if you get injured. There are 7 main types of injuries that occur on cruise ships, which are listed below:

  • Food poisoning
  • Injury during recreational activities
  • An unethical death
  • Pool and water slide accidents
  • Injury caused by crew errors and negligence
  • Slip and falls
  • Sexual and physical assault

Secure Your Right To Sue

If you plan on filing a claim for an injury on a cruise ship, you will need a Miami cruise ship accident attorney. Filing those types of claims are not as simple as filing an regular land-based injury claim. Cruise ship injury claims are very complexed to file. There are a vast amount of laws that come into play when dealing with cruise ships. To successfully file a claim, you will need an attorney who knows all of these laws like the back of their hands. If not, you will just be wasting your time.

Knowing the rights you while on board a cruise ship, knowing what cruise ships are required to do for their passengers, and being aware of your right to sue can be a lot just for any regular person to know and understand. Having a Miami cruise ship accident attorney can save you much stress and time, plus assist you into getting properly compensated for any injury you have while on a cruise ship.

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