Why waterproofing your basement is necessary?

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If you own a house then you need to understand the importance of basement and how to manage it properly as, without proper basement management, your home will always be incomplete. Many people think that the basement is just an extra space of the house which used to store odds and ends that you don’t want to keep in your sight. But you should know that your basement is much more than this.

A basement is the foundation structure of your entire home and you must be aware of the common fact that if the foundation is weak then the structure will fall. This statement is enough to justify why it is important to waterproof your basement. So instead of ignoring your basement and considering it as a dumping place for all the unwanted items in your house, go through the below-mentioned points and understand why it is important to waterproof your basement.

Avoid flooding

Most of the basements are below ground level and that’s why flash floods pose a serious threat to them. According to the data given by the National Flood Insurance Program, floods result in more than $3 billion damage claims making it the most destructive natural disaster all over America. Many people don’t realize the destruction of floods and they think they will not become a victim of it. But instead of making such false assumption, you should get your basement waterproofed through a basement waterproofing contractor DC and protect your basement and the items stored in it from the destruction of floods.

Stay away from Mold

If you are not under the threat of flood even then water leaking from rain or snow can create moisture in your basement which can later become the main reason for mold growth. Along with damaging your product, mold growth on a high level can also affect your health and if you don’t want your house to be ruined by mold then it is always a better idea to get your basement waterproofed. So instead of suffering from ailments like asthma, coughing and skin irritation because of molds growing in your basement, get it waterproofed as soon as possible.

Prevent cracks

In addition to keeping you away from mold and the destruction of floods, waterproofing basement can also help you in preventing cracks in your foundation. If moisture will get trapped in small pores of your foundation then it can lead to expansion and contraction because of the change in temperature. Such expansion and contraction in your foundation can lead to cracks which can make your overall house vulnerable to the risk of falling down. You should fix all the leaks in your basement and get it waterproofed before it causes any serious threat to your overall house.

Minimized energy costs

If you will have a moist basement then it will act as a catalyst in the humidity of your home by increasing it more than normal. This will make it more expensive to cool your house. Along with this, cracks in your foundation can also be allowing cold winds to easily enter in your house, making it more difficult for you to keep your house warm. If you waterproof your house, then both your heating and cooling machine will require less energy to do their job and thus you will save some bucks on the use of electricity.

So, if you are living in a house which a basement without any waterproofing then you should immediately call a basement waterproofing service DC and get it fixed as soon as possible.

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