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Top 6 Content Marketing Challenges and How to overcome them.

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Content Marketing has transformed the marketing industry over time.

Creating content that can satisfy and probably interest your audience to read is definitely not an easy task.

It took a lot of time to research and find out what is stopping content marketers from creating share worthy content.

I finally ended up with a list of top Content Marketing Challenges and found ways to overcome them with few PRO Tips.

Here are the Top 6 Content Marketing Challenges:

  • Not knowing which articles to curate
  • Consistency in posting relevant articles
  • Increasing your traffic with content syndication
  • Gaining traction with valuable content
  • Publishing high quality invariable content
  • Producing awesome content in a limited period

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Challenge 6: Not knowing which articles to curate

Content curation gives a quick sneak peek into the current & emerging trends of your industry.

Keep reading & sharing quality content. Curated content helps in growing a highly relevant audience.

Best of all? It helps you build good connections with bloggers from your industry.


Start by identifying the top 50 best blogs relevant to your industry

Challenge 5: Consistency in posting relevant articles

Assert authority and gain credibility through consistency in your content. It is the best way to connect with your audience.

Be consistent with posting, interacting and providing value to your audience. Make sure you engage them.

There’s nothing as special as an engaged audience! They quite literally help build your brand.

Use social media like a pro to establish consistency in your content marketing efforts.


Create a content calendar & plan your content for blog as well as social media platforms.

Challenge 4: Increasing your traffic with content syndication.

Content syndication means pushing your web-based content onto 3rd parties who will then re-publish it on their own sites.

If done right, Syndication drives traffic. Lots & lots of traffic.

You may find great communities with super engaged audiences that love your content.

Other advantages are backlinks and SEO. This technique can help you grow your audience from authoritative sites.


Guest post on authoritative sites in your industry.

Challenge 3: Gaining traction with valuable content

Traction in your content is the glue that will bind a customer with your product/service.

You cannot win an audience with your 1st piece of content. Implement strategies that will make your audience value your efforts.

Converse with them to understand their pain points and provide solutions in your content.


Keep your audience captivated through strategies that resonate with them

Challenge 2: Publishing high quality invariable content

Content is everywhere. Creating content that stands out from the crowd is the culture now.

Ideate, test and iterate. These are the key terms that can describe your experimentation process.

Quality of the content should never be compromised and creativity fuels the reach of your work.


Research, find patterns about your audience and design content around that

Challenge 1: Producing awesome content in a limited period

46% marketers say time was No:1 challenge when it came to content marketing.

Yes! Creating, promoting and curating content takes a lot of time.

Find best resources to learn about your audience.

Build relationships that can help you to amplify your reach.

Remember, talking and typing are the two actions that drive sales. Do more!


Make use of the right tools to increase productivity of your efforts.

Hope I have covered the frequently faced challenges of content marketers.

Have you faced any other challenge in your content marketing journey?

Please share your thoughts and experiences in comments below.


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