Volunteer in Nepal, Sujan Pariyar, Inxchan

This travel influencer aims to bring 1,000 participants to travel and volunteer in Nepal

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Meet Sujan Pariyar 24 years old travel influencer from Nepal. Every year he brings between 50 and 100 participants to travel with him in Nepal. With the profit from these trips, he supports local communities. As soon as we found out this year he aims to bring 1,000 participants to travel to Nepal we got in touch with him to know more about his plans.

Hello Sujan, we are excited to interview you and share your story with our readers. Can you please tell us more about you and your work?

  • Hey, I am Sujan. I work full time as a travel influencer here in Nepal. 6 years ago I used to show tourists around in the Kathmandu valley for free and later I started it as a social enterprise. With this, I can continue to promote Nepal as a tourist destination and provide support to different local charities. Now there are people from almost all over the world contacting me to get more information relating to traveling and volunteering in Nepal.  
Volunteer in Nepal, Sujan Pariyar, Inxchan
Sujan sponsored a year education of 10 rural children.

Why 1,000 participants?

There are two reasons why I want to bring 10 times more people than what I usually bring:

  • When I started Inxchan I worked solely myself promoting and doing the trip in Kathmandu and Pokhara. After a few months, I hired my sister to take care of some clients. I realized that bringing more people would allow me to employ locals who need a job. I personally know many qualified and educated Nepalese who are still unemployed, which is why next year I hope to be able to provide an employment to 20-30 people.
  • It will also help us to maximize the support we are giving to our local community. If we raise the number of travelers then we will be able to help more children, women, and vulnerable animals.
Volunteer in Nepal, Sujan Pariyar, Inxchan
Sujan donating blankets to 150 families


Any advice you want to share with the people thinking to travel and volunteer in Nepal?

Nepal is a beautiful country full of beautiful landscapes, mountains, lakes, and rivers. You will have a memorable experience as a backpacker, luxury traveler or volunteer. Nepal is one of the safest countries in Asia to travel to. If you are ever in trouble not only the locals but the whole country will come to help you. If you are thinking about traveling or volunteering in Nepal, go ahead. Trust me you will end up extending your stay or you will book a flight to Nepal for next year.

Volunteer in Nepal, Sujan Pariyar, Inxchan
Donating food to HIV kids center


If you want to travel to Nepal or wants to help his initiative
here’s his Website: http://www.inxchan.com/ 

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