Things that nobody tells you when starting a business

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To put it another way, these are a few things that I would have liked someone to tell me before starting my first business and that I am sure would have saved me money and many headaches.

A business requires time:

If you are thinking of setting up a company to work less, you are initiating the wrong way. A business of your own requires a lot of investment of time; especially at the beginning and probably for many months or years you will have to work twice as much as you would work as an employee.

Many people abruptly give up their jobs because they are tired of long hours and endless hours of work. Well, let me tell you that your company will not be different. In fact, you probably have to work more days and more hours in your office than before if you really want your company to rise and grow.

Of course, over time things will change and you will enjoy the benefits of being your own boss, but that will be gradually and of the best example of this is Cameron Chell co-founder and chief executive officer for Business Instincts Group. Cameron Chell Calgary is a serial entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience and helped launch several tech start-ups.

It will not be the end of the problems:

This may be the biggest myth in this subject. To think that with your company you will not have problems or that it will not be necessary to support lactose people is something illusory. Building a company requires a lot of skill in solving problems.

You will have to deal with demanding clients, informal suppliers, employees, partners, shareholders, etc.

And you will need to be the leader capable of resolving all day-to-day situations with them.

You will not earn that much money (at the beginning):

Earning good money is one of the most important reasons why we start a business. However, what many entrepreneurs ignore is the fact that money arrives over time and in proportion to intelligent work.

You can earn a lot of money with your company, but as long as you are willing to innovate, to create, to improve what others do and to be the best in your field. Good businesses are built and generate profits, but you must have patience because at the beginning they also require a lot of investment and reinvestment.   

You will not have a mega company in a few months:

Believe that just make an investment, hire some employees and advertise on the Internet, orders will arrive and the hundreds of customers interested in your product or service is totally false.

Building a company is the product of intelligently integrating the various factors discussed in this post and this requires a lot of dedication, vision and tireless work. Of course there are cases of people who have invented the latest application that drives users crazy and become millionaires in the blink of an eye. But these cases are the least usual.

So with your feet on the ground you must work to build the business of your dreams and accept the process.

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