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Outsourcing a job search: The Emerging New Trend In Job Hunting

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Anyone who has had to spend countless hours sitting at the computer or going door-to-door handing out hundreds of cover letters and resumes can appreciate what a stressful time unemployment can be. Not only do you have the anxiety of not having a steady income in most cases, but also the added sense of being overwhelmed by the abyss of internet job hunting. With so many online job boards, an applicant can become easily discouraged or depressed. This is even more likely to happen with someone who is not exactly computer or internet savvy. Trolling the hundreds of job boards can oftentimes become confusing if that applicant has not been in a situation in many years where they had to look for employment.

Enter the emerging online job outsourcing sites. These sites claim to send out your resume to 100s of job postings that fit your skill-set and experience. Sounds pretty good, right? Well, let’s look at the pros and cons.

• You post your resume once. That’s it, just once and the outsourcer takes it from there.
• You can apply to hundreds of jobs in just a few months.
• You do not actually send out the resumes, the outsourcer does.
• The majority of the jobs applied to, fit your particular skill-set and experience.
• It’s automated.
• The cost, in some cases, can be fairly reasonable considering that your personal man-hours are not being wasted on countless hours sitting in front of a computer screen which can free up your time to get out and. network in your community.

• You have no control over where exactly your resume sent. This is a big one since your resume has your personal information on it such as full name, address, phone number, and email address which could open you up for possible identity theft.
• You usually have no idea which job postings you have applied for, thereby possibly getting an unexpected call from a hiring manager or recruiter, who then can be irritated that you have absolutely no information about the job or the company.
• You cannot be certain that your resume is actually reaching targeted job postings, thus, paying a fee and not getting any calls for interviews.
• The fees can be quite costly if you hire a team to work your file (depending on the outsourcing company and their location). 
• Most of these outsourcing companies rely on, or are located in foreign countries such as India, which can be an issue as far as customer service is concerned and attempting to resolve a conflict.
• You pay a fee regardless of whether you land a job or not.
• Oftentimes, an applicant ends up gaining employment form other sources such as personal networking or contacts.

Common sense will tell an applicant to do their due diligence and research whatever outsourcing company they are considering signing up to. One might consider going on the Better Business Bureau website (www.bbb.org) and find out if the company is a member, or has any complaints filed against them. Also consider looking up Ripoff Report (www.ripoffreport.com) and check out some of the reviews. Always be cautious with your personal information online.
Happy career hunting!

Jodi Hill has been a writer and entrepreneur since 2008.  She created First Impressions Employment Consulting while living in Reno, Nevada after her divorce.  First Impressions Employment Consulting then became High Sierra Resume Service. At that time, she began writing as a contributor for The Examiner Reno.  After living in the western United States for over 20 years, she relocated to the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area in 2011 to be closer to family. She has been an experienced Paralegal since 2004, earned her Criminal Justice Degree in 2009 as a single mother working full time and juggling a full class load with the University of Phoenix, while still working her resume business.  She is currently a contributing Influencer with Mogul, an online women’s’ empowerment and networking site, as well as rebuilding her resume business which is now known as The Resume Studio. You contact her on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/resumestudio/, on Twitter at https://twitter.com/resumestudios, and Linkedin at https://www.linkedin.com/in/theresumestudio/, or by email at resumestudio1@gmail.com