“OurCoaching.com” An e–Education Venture

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The world today is competition driven. Moreover, everyone is a part of a rat race where winning is not an option but a compulsion which is why Ourcoaching was built to bridge the gap between your goals and preparations.

Ourcoaching.com is an online learning platform that was founded in 2015 with an aim to bring about a revolutionary change in the field of education and make it a fun experience. Gaining education gets easier with our free online study resources that are not only vast but also self-explanatory, enabling students to learn everything with ease. No matter whether you are a student, a professional or a teacher, Ourcoaching is the place for you if your aim is to succeed in your respective field. We not only enable students to have access to our vast resources absolutely free of cost but also let experts share their knowledge by uploading their content.  Nurturing young talent and guiding them towards excellence is our sole aim. Apart from creating a conductive learning environment, here are a few other things that make Ourcoaching the best-


Self-Paced Learning-


The biggest advantage of Ourcoaching is that students have an option of learning online at their own pace. Since every student differs in his ability to grasp things, we enable each student to maintain their individual learning schedule that’s in sync with their learning speed. This is unlike conventional coaching where everyone is expected to maintain the same pace. Instead of making speed the priority, our focus is to enable students to learn each concept with accuracy. Furthermore, they can always repeat the learning sessions in case they didn’t understand it in the very first attempt.


Low Cost-

Conventional coaching apart from course fees has commuting charges involved. But at Ourcoaching, anyone can register for free and have access to more than 10 k topics, absolutely free of cost. Moreover, those who are expert at creating valuable content can become online instructor and earn as well by sharing their videos, infographics and content on our online platform. Hence, the costs involved are negligible and benefits outstanding.


Those from remote areas can particularly be benefitted significantly from Ourcoaching by having access to all the study material from the comfort of their home. This not only saves time but also ensures that each student receives his daily dose of information, irrespective of his location. Feeling sick? Worry not! Put on that blanket and sign in on your phone to replenish your knowledge. This flexibility helps students stick to a fixed routine and move forward towards their goal without any hurdle.

Ample Resources-


Conventional coaching requires students to take down notes when the teacher is teaching. This is not the case with Ourcoaching. We have more than 10k topics in different subjects and specialties that can be accessed anytime, even repeatedly until the doubt vanishes. Moreover, we also give everyone a chance to explore from a plethora of topics and choose topics they specialize in for content creation.


Final Words-


Ourcoaching is a joint venture of Kunal Kapoor and his brother whose aim is to diminish boundaries and make learning a seamless experience. Although we are presently operating from our Delhi based office, we will soon be opening up our branches in all the metro cities. We feel proud of having thousands of registered users who have always remained an inspiration for us. Sign up to get started!


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