Must-have Qualities To Look In Oui Lawyers

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Great Qualities of OUI Lawyers

Out for an evening with friends and find as you get behind the wheel of your vehicle that you shouldn’t be driving, so you pull off the road, turn off the vehicle, and sleep your overindulgence off. Hopefully, you removed the keys from the ignition or the police officer that stops to check the situation out can charge you with an OUI (operating under the influence). You will be arrested and charged.

Now you truly need to find a great OUI Lawyer and you need to find one quickly. Normally your first consultation is free, then a fee will be agreed upon and documentation prepared.

What qualities should I seek in great OUI Lawyers? Great OUI Lawyers will talk you through the legal process and explain terminology. The lawyer will discuss what the legal penalties are for your offense and how he/she will proceed with your case and the steps he/she will be taking. Definitely, you want a lawyer who you are experiencing good chemistry with, has empathy, possesses great communication skills; as well as excellent presentation skills, is experienced in OUI cases (at least 10 years trial experience with OUI cases), and an OUI Lawyer who is available/accessible.

Other Important Skills

Other skills to consider are analytical, creativity, logical thinking, perseverance, and outstanding writing skills. The OUI Lawyer should be able to look at your case and develop some weaknesses in the prosecution’s case. For example, your age can play a part because sobriety tests are one size fits all. Therefore the inability for someone handicapped, an older person to stand on one foot and balance when they are sober, let alone after having a few drinks. When blowing into the breathalyzer, your breathing history is important, if you have asthma, lung issues, these conditions could affect the breathalyzer.

Bright lights are shown in your eyes and you wear contact lens, glasses, or have an eye condition you may have difficulty with the tests. Your OUI Lawyer should obtain police car cam videos, officer body cam videos, holding cell and jail photos. He/she will analyze them for your reactions, interactions, behavior, and demeanor with law enforcement officers.

Has your best interest

The OUI Lawyers should always ask you what is going on in your life, have you been arrested before, and a number of other life questions. You want a lawyer who keeps up-to-date by taking continuing education training. This indicates that he/she is interested in being a state-of-the-art top-notch OUI Lawyer.

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