Latest Trend In Fashion: Men’s Overcoat

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Fashion Industry is booming like none other in the market. Everyday fashion changes, there is a new trend every day. The fashion industry has given a great range of clothing options to every generation and category. Whoever believes that men don’t have many clothing options didn’t follow the latest trend. There is a great variety of options for every season and weather. Men have an enormous collection and styles, from tie to shoes, there are various options in every piece of clothing. The most recent trending piece is an Overcoat.

An overcoat 

overcoat is a long knee-length, warm and one of the most classic pieces in a man’s wardrobe. These coats are made of 100% wool, hence, are mostly preferred in winters. This men’s wool overcoat is purposefully designed with full sleeves to keep the cold away. The overcoats have been in trend since the 90s and are still recognized as an icon of sophistication and elegance.  

The most exclusive feature of these coats is they can be worn over any style. That is, casual or formal. Men wearing overcoats represent a confident and bold personality. The fact that they suit any attire makes them a unique piece in anyone’s closet. People prefer keeping two options for the overcoats, one for casual outing and the other for professional or formal events. There are vast options in overcoats too, let’s break the ice for them:


The most versatile of all, Trench coats have been in trend since the First World War. Trench overcoats are lightweight and initially released in shades of beige and black. This new design made them robust and suitable for any weather conditions and daily wear. These traditional coats have travelled from the military to today’s fashion era and are still trending. The full-length overcoat style typically comes with double-breasted thick lapels and belted at the waist. Trenches can be paired with both formal and casual attires and are suitable for any weather.


This kind of men’s wool overcoat is generally hip length and has slash pockets, high on the torso. These are worn since the 17th century by sailors to protect them from the chilled sea breeze in a navy woollen thick fabric. The standard peacoats were available usually in blue and black colour. Now, even available in various soft colours. We can say that it is a statement piece for men, the wool overcoat is the most favoured among the young and the senior citizens. Peacoats are more of an informal outfit, can be effortlessly paired over any casual T-shirt and any pair of jeans.

Duffle Coat

These solid woollen overcoats are an inimitable piece and have been favoured by every man. The word ‘duffle’ came from the fabric’s tough and strong characteristic. Originated from the military period, these coats were worn by the Royal Military in the world war. Duffle Coats feature toggle buttoned closure also known as ‘walrus teeth’, with a huge hood and patch pockets. These overcoats are apt apparel for casual and informal outings. It is a popular choice of men’s wool overcoats.


These overcoats are the conventional style for a formal outfit. They have a short, notched collar with no cuffs on sleeves and straight side pockets. Chesterfield overcoats are named after Earl of Chesterfield and have a straight fit look. These go well for evening events and come in dark grey or navy colour. You must look for designer stores online or offline for men wool overcoat. They will provide you with fine quality and variety of designs.

 Always make sure to check the fabric before buying. I hope you got the essence of the most trending styles for men’s wool overcoats. Add these magnificent pieces to your closet and give your outfits an urbane look. Overcoats are always a profitable investment as they are good as new even after years, probably can be passed on even to your son. Try out the best pieces out there and carry one according to your style.


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