Keys To Selecting The Perfect Kitchen And Bath Hardware

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Choosing kitchen cabinets might seem easy and straightforward. Sure, there are endless models available to choose from, but once you have the general look, you can easily find the right cabinets for you. The materials, colors, and shapes are fairly simple to pick. The problem, however, comes when you have to choose the hardware for the cabinets. These small items are like jewelry for your cabinets in your kitchen or bathroom. It’s the one detail that can literally make or break the entire interior design of the kitchen or bathroom.

These simple items are functional – you use these items to open and close the doors. They are incredibly diverse and can completely change the way your kitchen looks. The hardware adds detail to your kitchen environment. It adds the personality you are looking for. Some stick out like a sore thumb, some are elegant and discrete, and others are completely invisible. There are a lot of choices in kitchen and bath hardware or decorative plumbing fixtures. Let’s go over this short guide that will show you how to select the best ones:

The function

These small decorative pieces are very important in any kitchen or bathroom. Their functionality makes them very important and that should be your #1 concern when choosing one. Keep in mind that there are no set rules to follow when choosing handles for the kitchen or bathroom cabinets. Some prefer to use knobs for door and knobs for all drawers. The other way around is also a good idea. Other people prefer a combination of these styles. Keep in mind that your options are varied and you should pick what best suits you.

A good idea is to use a pull for any large doors (such as the one used for a pantry or trash pull-ups). Pulls are much easier to handle and are more sturdy. They allow you to grab the whole handle instead of just the knob with your fingertips. Pulls are also effective when used on large, heavy drawers, especially when used by older people or by those with physical disabilities. They are more sturdy, easy to handle and comfortable.

Decorative plumbing fixtures also need to function well. It’s no use if your faucets, showerheads, and sinks look great but don’t function well. Your bathroom needs to be efficiently functioning and in working order. People need to use your bathroom.

The style

After you covered the functional aspect of your hardware, it’s time for the fun part. In styling your kitchen or bathroom, you’ll get to use your creativity and imagination to decorate these environments to your liking. These days, the options are truly endless! 

Selecting the style of your cabinets and hardware pieces is a very personal choice and you can pick anything from the contemporary, traditional, modern or antique finishes. Eclectic cabinet handles and knobs are also popular, especially if you go for a more classical approach to the interior design.

Keep in mind that hardware with straight lines and simple materials is more contemporary, while the pieces that are more ornate and decorated are traditional. There’s also transitional hardware, which typically falls between the two categories. Eclectic items are more complex – they derive their appearance from multiple styles and trends.

In order to pick the right style for your kitchen and bath hardware, you’ll have to consider the design of the cabinets and the entire interior of the room. For instance, square, minimalist cabinets with simple finishes will require contemporary, modern hardware items. These will work best for such cabinets because they are similar in style. Traditional cabinets, featuring raised panel doors, ogee edges or recessed panel doors may go better with traditional, ornate hardware items. Make sure to choose knobs and pulls that are similar to this traditional style. A good idea to make the entire interior look more modern is to mount all pulls horizontally on both drawers and doors – this will make the room more cohesive and minimalist.

Also, pay attention to the other items in your kitchen or bathroom before choosing the decorative plumbing fixtures. For instance, look at your lighting fixtures, your appliances, your countertops, and other small design details. Everything is important when choosing the right hardware item. Make sure you pay attention to even the smallest detail. Keep in mind that kitchen and bath hardware are the jewels in the crown of your interior design. Each item should be chosen intentionally and accordingly. It has to be comfortable, functional, look amazing and fit within the scheme of your overall design. What’s more, it has to be attractive and work as a focus point.

The finish

Picking the right finish is almost as important as choosing the style for your hardware. It should be a finish that complements the style of your kitchen and bathroom and makes it even more attractive. Typically, hardware comes in multiple types of finish styles. Metallic finishes, like steel, aluminum, copper or bronze look more modern, especially if the hardware pieces have a simple, angular shape. Hardware with antique bronze or brass finishes are more traditional and go with classic interior designs. 

Depending on the design of the cabinets and other items, matte black hardware will make your kitchen look more modern or rustic. Stainless steel or brushed nickel finishes will be more elegant and will add more personality to the interior. Antique pewter, aluminum, matte black, and oil rubbed bronze look great in any bathroom or kitchen, especially if you want a more traditional look.

Quick tips on how to choose the best hardware items for your kitchen or bathroom

Before making the final choice, make sure to try out the knob or the pull. This is very important as it will help you determine how it feels, the quality and whether you like how it works. You can also determine whether the items are comfortable – you should be able to fit 3 or 4 fingers inside the pull. Make sure everything is comfortable and has the right feel.

Also, keep in mind that you usually get what you pay for. There are multiple companies that offer the lowest prices imaginable, but their quality is poor. Of course, there are top of the range products which sell for hundreds of dollars and are made from prime materials. These are the two extremities and there are a lot of products in between, which are good and come at a great price. Make sure you pick exactly what you need.

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